electric scooter guide: What Mobot is suitable for you

A Mobot electric scooter guide

Ride away with our electric scooters! First things first, an electric scooter is a plug in electric sit-down or stand-up vehicle with 2 or 3 wheels powered by electricity from their motor.

Unsure of which e-scooter is suitable for you? Fret not, this is our ultimate electric scooter guide to prep you for your forthcoming adventures on e-scooters. At Mobot, we provide scooters that cater to the needs of its users. From convenience, long distance, to family-oriented, we always try to provide a scooter to suit your needs.


If convenience is top of your list and portability is something that is valued, our electric scooter guide recommend you to take a look at the Mobot Starlite, our slimmest and most lightweight e-scooter weighing at 6.3kg. Made from carbon fiber, it has a maximum load of 125kg. It can travel at a speed of 25km/h and distance of 20-35km. The battery type is 18650 Samsung Lithium-ion battery of 36 V, 10.4 Ah. It can be easily folded with little effort. Its smart LCD displays the speed, distance travelled, and battery usage level. The powerful LED headlights are equipped for better vision during night time or when it is low in visibility.


Highly portable, the Mobot Starlite is one of the lightest electric scooters you can find in the market right now. In-built with a custom 18650 Samsung Lithium-ion battery, you get to have the lightest e-scooter with a quality battery, all-in-one.


Looking to up its portability another level? You can choose to install a custom-made sling to your Mobot Starlite. Now you can carry it around like a bag. Light, portable, convenient, and most importantly, a reliable battery. If you need some storage, you can install a pouch too.


It is easy to maintain with its solid tube tire, no more worrying about a punctured tire. However, do take note that solid tube tires give less suspension than regular pneumatic tires. What you sacrifice for comfort, you get back from its hassle-free maintenance – take note to keep your e-scooter at a healthy and presentable state, it is best to do some maintenance.

MOBOT Starlite electric scooter 01 293x300 - electric scooter guide: What Mobot is suitable for you

Mobot electric scooter guide to the Starlite

If distance travelled is one of your main concern and performance is something you crave during your travelling process. Our electric scooter guide recommend The Mobot Freedom Chaser with its auto-accelerating system could be your answer. Choose to stand or install a seat, the Freedom Chaser is a workhorse you can trust.


500 wattage motor, this e-scooter gives you a strong push on the straight and a great load capacity to boot. The battery type is Lithium ion pack with protection circuit cell; battery 36V, 17.5 Ah. This e-scooter weighs 19kg and maximum load is 160kg. You sure can travel far with it, as it has a high mileage of up to 60km. The strong brightness of the headlight, at 758 Lumen can guide you during night time or low visibility. This e-scooter has a front and back disc-brake system. The LCD indicator is water resistant so you can have the added precaution during the occasional rainy weather – however, our recommendation is to not ride in wet weather, for safety purposes and safeguard your e-scooter too.


Since the Freedom Chaser is throttle free, it can reduce fatigue caused by long duration of throttling throughout the journey. There is an anti-theft alarm system to warn off potential theft, when the alarm is engaged, a slight movement or touch could trigger off the alarm. You can use its remote key lock system to activate your e-scooter or use it siren to find the location of your e-scooter.

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Mobot electric scooter guide to the Freedom Chaser

If you are looking for an electric scooter for the family, there is no other better electric scooter out there that can rival our Mobot Xtreme X4. Endorsed by DJ Anna Lim, from UFM 100.3, it is an electric scooter that is made specially for the family.

Here is our electric scooter guide on the Mobot Xtreme X4;

The Mobot Xtreme X4, come with a free addon backseat which allows more than one user to ride it. You can fetch your little one to schools, to the market, to the park, or just bring them on a joy ride around the park connector. It opens up a whole new range of activities that you can enjoy with your love one. More than one kid? No problem. You can choose to install an additional seat at the front. Now you can carry two kids plus yourself. It is a family affair when it comes to commuting and travelling with the Mobot Xtreme X4.


It weighs 19.5kg, travel up to 25km/h, with a maximum load of 160kg, high mileage of 40-50km, and a lithium ion battery measuring 48 V, 10 Ah. This e-scooter is installed with an anti-theft alarm and remote control key lock system. It has a horn, front light, and rear disc brake. If you are worry about bumpy ride for you or your love one, the Mobot Xtreme X4 address that too. The Mobot Xtreme X4 come with a front and rear suspension that will ensure that you have the smoothest ride possible.


What if your kid(s) is at school, or maybe you are out for some errand that does not include the kid(s)? You can make use of the back-seat too, just hook on a basket at the back and now you can travel to your destination, pack all the stuff behind the hook-on basket and travel home. You no longer have to lug on numerous shopping bags into the bus or MRT. Just keep them in the basket, ride home, and be with your loved ones. It will change your whole commuting experience. Not to mention, you can install a front basket too.

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Mobot electric scooter guide to the Mobot Xtreme X4

If you are looking for something classic and comfortable, you definitely need to try out our Mobot Rover. This electric scooter guide recommend you to ride away with the classic beauty. It has ample leg space and comes with a wide distinctive U-shape handlebar. You will never feel cramped up riding your electric scooter this way. The unique profile through the combination of the handlebar and backseat ensures comfort throughout your journey.


The smart screen display allows users to adjust gear level, set the metrics and adjust the speed of the e-scooter. Mobot Rover also has a strong LED headlight with a brightness at 758 Lumen. High quality repute dual disc brake system ensures the e-scooter efficiency in performance. The battery type is lithium battery pack with protection circuit cell and 36 V 300W. The weight is 19.5kg and maximum load is 120kg. The speed can go up to 25km/h with a distance of 35-40km.


Cruise along the park connector with your Mobot Rover, ride it down to do some errands, or to meet-up with friends, or bring it to wherever you want (remember to keep it safe and within LTA rules and regulations though). The Mobot Rover lets you travel in class and comfort like no other electric scooter in the market. You can choose to add another seat at the front. Use that seat to bring your kiddo around the area, let them feel the class and thrill too. Remember, keep it classy with the Mobot Rover – looks best with sunglasses and a cool jacket.

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Mobot electric scooter guide to the classy Rover

If you are particular about certain things, pay attention to style, technology, and have exquisite taste. Here is our electric scooter guide take on the Mobot Knight. Name after the medieval knight, the Mobot knight exalt confidence, celebrate individualism, and is packed with technology. Not to mention it has a larger than life design too.


Packed with high-end technology. This e-scooter has a built in waterproof Bluetooth speaker which you can listen to your music when it’s sunny or rainy. It has a weight of 18kg and maximum load of 120kg. The speed can go up to 25km/h and can travel up to 35-45km. There is also an anti-theft alarm system, USB port to charge your devices and a remote-control lock system. The battery type is LG with a battery of 36 V, 8.8 A h lithium ion. It also has a dual disc brake system and a shock absorber installed in the front wheel suspension system. It takes about 3 seconds to fold or unfold.


The Mobot Knight is made with aero-graded metal frame material, which makes it one of the toughest electric scooters in the market right now. Crash it on the ground and you will hardly find a dent. It is an armour constructed into the silhouette of an electric scooter. If the hump in front of you looks daunting, the Mobot Knight, 12” large pneumatic tire will put you at ease.


You can choose your very own custom decal design for the Mobot Knight. Choose from a variety of stocked custom decal, or discuss with our decal designer on a design that you want to implement on your Mobot Knight. Every Mobot Knight is unique to its very own user. There is a story behind every Mobot Knight riders.


If you are worried about covering long distance, you can choose to upgrade your Mobot Knight I to the Mobot Knight II. The Mobot Knight II bring along all the best goodies of the Mobot Knight, while at the same time allowing you to have the option of a detachable battery. Now you can swap out your drained battery with a fully charge one. Distance is definitely not an issue when it comes to the Mobot Knight II. If you want, you can just detach the battery and charge it as a stand-alone.

Knight 2 Profile 03 300x300 - electric scooter guide: What Mobot is suitable for you

Mobot electric scooter guide to the Mobot Knight I & II

If you are uncomfortable riding in two-wheels, or looking for an e-scooter that is versatile, stable, easy to manage. The electric scooter guide recommend the Mobot Flexi 2nd gen, it is a 3-wheel e-scooter that does everything and more.


Using high tensile steel as its frame material, coupled with its 3-wheel setup, you can expect a stable and sturdy ride. Its reverse function ensure that riders have full control over the e-scooter. Add in its keylock system, you will have the added precaution when you need to park your scooter in public places. Readily collapsible into a trolley like shape, you can trolley it around when you need to; you will not have problem storing it too – it fit in regular car boot. The battery itself is detachable, you can unplug it and bring it to your room, your living room, anywhere with a power-socket to charge it.


The Mobot Flexi 2nd gen uses a 48V DC Brushless Motor, lithium-ion battery measuring 48v 12 Ah. It come with 3-gear, which allow you to travel at 10km/h, 18km/h, 25km/h respectively. It has a max load of up to 120kg, rear disc-brake system, and a throttling system. Its 8” pneumatic tire allow you to traverse through many type of terrain without much issues.


You can ride the Mobot Flexi 2nd gen to a nearby coffee shop, market, central, and many more places. Just remember to keep to non-restricted path. Choose to install a basket in-front, pull out its inbuilt tray from the back, put a basket there. Now your Mobot Flexi is fit for everyday grocery shopping. Just collapse it if you need to, it will not take up as much space as it seems.


Travel with comfort and swag. If you are working nearby, you can use one of these e-scooters easily. Since some of our e-scooters are family and elderly friendly, you can use them to go to school, market, any places that you want. You’re also keeping it environmentally friendly since we use electric batteries. We believe that our Mobot products are a promising mode of alternative transportation for you, why not go down to our retail outlets today for a test ride? We hope this electric scooter guide had help you somehow in choosing a Mobot electric scooter that suit your requirements. We look forward to your good news and interest.

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Mobot electric scooter guide to the Flexi

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