Free 1 month bicycle servicing for your newly purchased bicycle.

General Drivetrain Maintenance
General maintenance of drivetrain Includes adjustment, simple cleaning and lubing of drivetrain.
Service done where applicable only.

General Brake Maintenance
General maintenance of brakes. Includes adjustment and simple cleaning of brakes.
Service done where applicable only.

Bike Cleaning
Simple wipe down of bike frame and bike rims. Eg, Pumping of  tryes.

Securing of Bolts
Checking and securing of bolts on bicycle.
Service done where applicable only.

Terms and Conditions:
Free Bike Servicing is to be claimed within 1 month of bike purchase.
Free Bike Servicing is to be done when technicians are available.
If technicians are unavailable, customer has to leave their bike at the service center.
No servicing will be done on non-stock bike parts.
Mobot has the rights to reject customers based on servicing availability.
Mobot is not liable for any loss or damages during servicing.

*For any comprehensive servicing or repairs please visit Mobot (East, HQ) Outlet.
*For any other servicing/repairs that is not stated here feel free to contact us.

Find a Servicing Centre

MOBOT (EAST, HQ) – Oxley Bizhub 2

Comprehensive Servicing/Repairs

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.30 am to 7 pm
Closed on Monday.
Phone: +65 6538 2817
Whatsapp: +65 8826 2069

MOBOT (NORTH) – Woodlands 11

Moderate Servicing/Repairs

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 10.30 am to 7 pm
Phone:  +65 8860 3009