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      Welcome to the home of the largest selection of quality electric scooters and personal mobility devices in Singapore. If you’ve been looking for the perfect mobility solution to help you get around hassle-free, you’re at the right place!

      Our Electric Scooters and Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) help make ‘Freedom in Mobility’ possible.

      We guarantee to find a PMD that suits your every need. Be it a 2-seat electric scooter for you to ferry your child to school, a lightweight e-scooter for bringing up the MRT and buses, a mobility scooter for an elderly, a powerful vehicle with torque and range, or even a budget e-scooter just for basic commuting, we’ve got it all!

      Setting you up with an electric ride that revolves around your lifestyle and ease your daily commute and activities is what we strive to do. We firmly believe in the freedom in mobility and finding every one of our clients the right model that complements their habits and life.

      Servicing and Repair Solutions that won’t break the bank.

      Our professional technicians here at MOBOT offer full servicing, repairs, and maintenance on each and every one of the electric scooters or PMDs that we make available – and even for a few selected models that we do not or haven’t sold *please drop our service center a call to check whether your scooter model is available for repair*.

      Knowing that we are here to help you in any and every way possible, making sure that your equipment is always running as best it can, you can be assured that your mobility device is going to last you as many years as possible. So you can enjoy your new found freedom in mobility while taking comfort in the fact that MOBOT has got your back.

      Join the Electric Ride Revolution today!

      Electric scooters and PMDs in general are more popular today than ever before, and it’s easy to see why.
      They are affordable, comfortable, safe, easy to use and eco-friendly. PMDs make a mundune journey alot more fun. All these while offering a lot of convenience that might not have been possible otherwise.

      MOBOT is proud to be the largest retailer of PMDs in all of Singapore, bringing them even closer to your home for your absolute convenience. We even provide free delivery for every scooter purchased locally and we also ship our electric scooters to almost anywhere in the world.

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      赖卫春 亚洲新闻台 采访

      电动滑板零售商呼吁当局 禁止时速超过每小时25公里的电动滑板

      亚洲新闻台 第八波道新闻及时事节目 2016年11月16日 18:03 谢诗盈报道 受访的电动滑板零售商呼吁当局,全面禁止时速超过每小时25公里的电动滑板在本地售卖。 其中一家零售商MOBOT老板赖卫春就表示,本地一些商店公然售卖时速高达每小时60公里的电动滑板,用户根本无需为这些代步工作进行改装,而赖卫春相...

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