Effective E-Scooter Users – Top 5 Habits


There are e-scooter users, and then there are highly effective e-scooter users. These are the 5 habits that we have compiled. Which of these highly effective electric scooter habits have you been practicing so far?

1. Effective e-scooter users always think ahead.

They are always thinking one step ahead ensuring all safety measures are in place before starting their journey with an e-scooter. Besides performing safety checks, the highly effective e-scooter users will always plan their journey within the limit of their ride. They will choose the safest and smoothest path to their destination, always keeping well within the recommended speed limit. When approaching a pedestrian, the highly effective e-scooter user will slow down and observe the pedestrian in order to be able to brake, overtake, or signal their intention in a safe, effective and polite manner.

2. They ride with the pedestrian in mind.

The highly effective e-scooter users understand that their e-scooter is a device that is capable of traveling at high speed on the pathway. They understand that travelling at a high speed reduces their reaction time, increasing the chance of accidents. As such, the highly effective e-scooter users always ride with the pedestrian in mind, they will always travel at a speed that allows them the time to react to potential danger or a sudden occurrence. They keep their eyes on the path they are travelling and always maintain a safe distance from others, slow down at junctions and dismount when needed.

3. They advocate safe e-scooter riding.

The highly effective e-scooter riders understand the benefits of owning an e-scooter; they understand they are a representative of the e-scooter community. Through their safe riding actions, they advocate the positive aspects of riding an e-scooter. Always leading by example and following recommended safety standards, the highly effective e-scooter riders explain the benefits of owning an e-scooter to those who are interested. They follow what is considered good habits, such as owning a compliant device, and shun what is bad, such as traveling on the road (disregarding the law).

4. They are pro-active.

The highly effective e-scooter riders are pro-active; they take responsibility for their e-scooter. Actively doing maintenance for their e-scooter, they know that a faulty machine can be dangerous not only to the rider but to others as well. Therefore, they are always pro-active in maintaining their e-scooter at optimal condition. Tightening of loose joints, checking their brake-pad, and keeping their e-scooters away from direct heat are some checks to perform on a regular basis. Quarterly, they will send their e-scooter to a service center for general maintenance to ensure that the internal parts of their e-scooter are still in good working condition.

5. They ride within their means.

The highly effective e-scooter riders understand their e-scooter; they understand its capabilities, as well as its shortcomings. These users understand the do’s and don’ts for their electric scooters. Always riding within their means, they understand the maneuverability limits of their e-scooters and will ride within that. The highly effective e-scooter rider is not riding to impress but riding to be safe and comfortable.