All about the Mobot Freedom Chasers

Looking for an Electric Scooter? Introducing the Freedom Chaser, the world’s first throttle-free Electric Scooter.

World's First Throttle Free Electric Scooter | MOBOT Freedom Chaser

MOBOT Freedom Chaser patented Intelligent Accelerator System allows the electric scooter to accelerate and maintain the speed throughout the journey without pressing the throttle. Brakes? All you got to do is just press the brakes once and it will auto decelerate for you. This technology reduces the fatigue caused by the long duration of holding down the throttle.


Want to travel a long distance? No problem. MOBOT has worked together with its partners in creating high quality and durable lithium ion battery to ensure a single charge offers longest distance coverage. The Freedom Chaser as a high-end electric scooter is equipped with a top end battery to live up to its reputation of being the beast of endurance. Superb battery quality and capacity offer a traveling distance of up to 60km so you can go around Singapore without worrying that your battery will run out.


The Freedom Chaser comes with an Anti-theft alarm to alert the user of potential theft if a slight movement or touch is made on the electric scooter. It uses a remote key lock system to activate the Freedom Chaser and also allows the user to find the location of the electric scooter so you don’t have to worry about your Electric Scooter getting stolen!


The front light of the MOBOT Freedom Chaser electric scooter tested and equips with strong brightness at 758 lumens compared to the average e-scooter of 47 lumens in the market. It is one of the brightest front light to shine at a distance during night time or low visibility. Additional enhancement or light accessories is not needed.