XTREME X4 E-Scooter


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Remote control Key Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm System

Your safety is a priority. Let our remote control key lock enhance your safety measures with anti-theft, locks as well as the key for the power source. This anti-theft alarm system ensures your electric scooter does not get stolen. Users can also easily start their electric scooter just by pressing the button on the remote control which makes it very convenient. You can easily spot your electric scooter as it is equipped with the alarm button. This remote control key lock also makes unlocking your electric scooter with a breeze.

xtreme lock 01

Support heavy weight

How favourable. As this electric scooter can support a max load of 160kg, it allows more than one user to ride on this scooter. Hence, it brings convenience as users such as mothers will be able to send or fetch their children to and from school. Therefore, supporting a heavier weight also means that users can also add accessories such as shopping bags and put their shopping items onto the scooter.

xtreme heavy load escooter

High speed despite heavy load

Need for speed. Despite being able to withstand heavy load of up to 160 kg, Mobot Xtreme X4 is still able to move at a speed of up to 25 km/hr. With great acceleration, this makes the electric scooter to have excellent performance. It also makes traveling much faster whereby it powers like those normal scooter and electric bicycle. Users can benefit from this as it gives you more and better trips for any of your journeys.


Family friendly

With the good support provided by the e-scooter, you can ride with your loved ones to send them to school or go grocery shopping. Have a pleasant time riding this e-scooter at the park and enjoy the breeze together. Fret not, the functions of this e-scooter have a user friendly interface so elderlies can ride it too. Just ensure you ride with care and safely. You can choose to install an additional seat at the front. It is a family affair when it comes to commuting and travelling with Mobot Xtreme X4.

xtreme family 01

Suspensions on tires

No more harsh rides. This electric scooter has both front and back suspension on tires whereby it is very safe and secure for users because it can insulate them from the roughness of pavements or terrains. Users can keep their ride steady and satisfying as this electric scooter strike with perfect balance between performance and comfort ride. With the incredible suspension, it enables you to have the smoothest ride possible.


suspension 3


The frame material for this e-scooter is aluminium alloy. It has excellent formability and workability which vastly improves the quality of the electric scooter. It also has a good corrosion resistance so it is remarkably functional and long lasting for users. This material is strong and it increases the sustainability of your electric scooter.

material xtreme 01

High Mileage

Mobot Xtreme X4 has a powerful motor and a high mileage that can ferry 3 person over a long distance. which means you can expect longer distance to travel with your electric scooter. You and your loved ones can have a good bonding time together at the park, when you are running errands or even sending them to school. It will change your whole commuting experience.





Solid Pneumatic Tires

Mobot Xtreme X4 has pneumatic tires whereby they are filled with compressed air. It is very durable and reliable. The tires have a better grip on the ground surface which means the ride will be smooth and less bumpy rides. These tires are also quiet in use which does not make loud noises which may distract other commuters.




Battery Type


Lithium-ion Battery

48V / 7.5 / 10 / 12 AH

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)

25-35 / 35-45 / 40-50 KM

Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


Brushless DC motor

Frame Material

Aluminium Alloy


Rear Disk Brake


10 inch (254mm) Pneumatic Tubless Rubber Tire

  • Made of special material
  • Very Durable and Reliable

Shock Absorber

Intergrated suspension system in the front and rear

Extenal Buttons and Connectors

  1. Front Seat
  2. Seat Lock Lever
  3. Front Seat Holder
  4. Back Seat
  5. Back Seat Holder
  6. Mudguard
  7. Back Wheel
  8. Back Suspension
  9. Stand
  10. Front Wheel
  11. Front Suspension
  12. Headlight
  13. Hand Brake
  14. Headlight Switch
  15. Horn Switch
  16. Battery Compartment
  17. Battery Reader
  18. Start Key
  19. Folding Lever
  20. Key Slot for Battery Compartment

Speed (Setting)

Maximum speed limit 25km/hr.
The speed setting depend on the throttle. The more the user throttle, the faster the e-scooter go.


Security (Function)

Remote Control Key Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm System or Key Start, use key to ON the electric scooter

Design In – Singapore (Only in Mobot Pte Ltd)


Completely foldable electric scooter.

Folding Guide

Coming soon.