FREEDOM CHASER Electric Scooter


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Go Throttle Free

MOBOT® Freedom Chaser patented Intelligent Accelerator System allows the eScooter to accelerates and maintain the speed throughout the journey without pressing the throttle. Riders pulled the brake for a pause and the auto accelerator continued once the brake released. This technology greatly reduced the fatigue caused by long duration of pressing the throttle.

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Intelligent Accelerator System


‘MOBOT® Freedom Chaser is the latest new addition of a high performance electric scooter that revitalize the eScooter industry with its unique features such as the Intelligent Accelerator System that allows the eScooter to accelerates to its 3 speed setting limit, which the speed is being maintained throughout the journey without the need to press and hold the throttle after rider kick start it. Riders pulled the brake for a pause and the auto accelerator kicks in once the brake is release. Both hand brakes are needed for a complete stop. This technology greatly reduced the fatigue caused by long duration of pressing the throttle.



High Mileage (DIST: 60Km)


MOBOT® has work together with its partners on creating quality and durable lithium ion battery to ensure 1 single charge for longest distance coverage. Therefore, Freedom Chaser as a high end eScooter, has equip with top end battery to live up with its reputation of being the beast of endurance. Supreme battery quality and capacity ensure travelling distance up till 60km and result varies with riders load and terrain.   MOBOT’s battery manufacturing division, equips with years of expertise and experience, to extend longevity in battery life.



Remote Key Lock System &
Anti-Theft Alarm


For safety aspects, MOBOT® Freedom Chaser equips with an Anti-theft alarm to warn off potential theft if a slight movement or touch is made on the eScooter. It uses remote key lock system to activate the Freedom Chaser and also allow the user to find the location of the eScooter.



Ultra Bright Front / Rear Light


The front light of the MOBOT Freedom Chaser electric scooter tested and equips with strong brightness at 758 lumen compared to the average e-scooter of 47 lumen in the market. It is one of the brightest front light to shine at a distance during night time or low visibility. Additional enhancement or light accessories is not needed.



ZOOM Disc Brake + E-ABS e-brake


Taiwan’s popular branded Zoom disc brake is being installed on both the front and rear tire. The rear tire has an additional enhancement of E-ABS e-Brake for double braking system to ensure safety and shorter reaction time when come to a sudden halt. Imagine when the lever is pulled, it switches off the motor and stops, some small reverse current will charge your battery as well. Speed is nothing without control, which high quality brake is needed when you want to go full throttle!


Freedom Chaser electric scooter 06


Water-Resistance LCD + USB Port 


First in the e-mobility industry on the use of water resistance LCD indicator which can be used under extreme outdoor conditions such as rainy, wet, damp or steamy conditions without the worry of deterioration over time. The speed, distance battery life and other setting can be done on this LCD indicator screen. There is a USB port available for charging of mobile phones when you are using GPS or listening to music.


Freedom Chaser electric scooter 04

Powerful Motor 


Fast RPMs means more efficient, more torque, and more reliable. MOBOT Freedom Chaser equips with smaller and lighter motor but with the same power output of a larger motor. The high powerful 500Wattage will give a strong push towards slope and can have greater load capacity compare to the average electric scooter in the market.



Battery Type


Li-ion Battery Pack with Protection Circuit Cell

36V, 17.5 Ah Li-ion

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)


Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


36V Holzer 500W Brushless DC motor hhhh

Frame Material

High Tensile Alloy Carbon Steel


Taiwan ZOOM Disc Brake + E-ABS e-brake


  • 10” (254mm) Pneumatic Rubber Tire

Shock Absorber


Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Charging Cycle – 800 times

Speed (Setting)

3 Speed Setting: 8 / 15 / 25 km/h




Folding Guide

Firstly, detach the seat from the e-scooter by unlocking the latch . Give the seat a push to the front towards the handle and it will come off.

  1. Next, locate the locking sliver switch on the stem of the scooter. It can be found on the stem near the end. Tilt the lever upwards to unlock the locking mechanism that is keeping the e-scooter upright.
  2. There! You have successfully folded the bike into a portable size!


1) Switch On/Off. 2) Brake. 3) Horn. 4) Headlights

1) Anti-Theft Alarm. 2) Kick-Start / Zero Start Function. 3) Intelligent Accelerator function (Throttle Free). 4) LCD Function