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Thumb Throttle

Thumb Throttle

- Will not damage or break easily
- Safest in comparison to other throttles that have higher change of accidental engagement
- No interference or obstruction with brake levers
- Takes up minimal space for additional mounting of accessories
Level Throttle

Level Throttle

- Tend to break easily after certain number of usage
- Poor ergonomics and grip while sticking out index finger for level throttle
- Interference with brake level or accessories
- Reduces the tension and stress on the index finger during prolonged usage.
Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension

- Stable and smooth ride over rough terrains
- Reduces the aftershock from a hump/bump
- Pro-longs the durability of the electric scooter
No suspension

No suspension

- High vibrations, tension and stress accumulated while on the electric scooter, causing reduction in lifespan or loose screws
- Electric scooter's parts might break and increase maintenance cost.
SAMSUNG Battery Li-ion 36V

SAMSUNG Battery Li-ion 36V

- Shorter charging time
- Longer lifespan (about 800 cycles)
- Not harmful to the human body and the environment
- Environmental friendly
Unknown Origin Battery

Unknown Origin Battery

- Battery leakage
- Sudden increase in temperature or overheating
- Shorter lifespan which translate to more maintenance costs
- Battery drains immediately even during light usage
Safety Mark

Safety Mark

- Have met specified safety standards the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS).
- No over-chargng issues for e-Mobility vehicle
No Safety Mark

No Safety Mark

- Adapter could overheat and explode, causing fire hazard
- Illegal to be sold within Singapore without the Safety Mark seal

Mobot Swift 2nd GEN

Travel Distance: Up to 70km

Battery Capacity: 10.4ah, 15.6ah and 18.2ah

e-Scooter Weight: 14kg

Speed Limit: Up to 35km/h

Max Load: Up to 120kg

Unique features:

SAMSUNG Battery Li-ion for safer, long lasting usage

Thumb throttle designed using human ergonimics

Rear suspension for shock absorption on uneven surfaces

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