FREE $300 Cash Voucher to be used by this Sunday (21 May 2017)

In This episode of Mobot TV, we solve a dispute between 2 neighbours that recently featured on various social media and wanbao newspaper. Two parties each being given $300 cash voucher for trade in. The party with an unapproved huge scooter, went to Mobot and trade in for MOBOT Freedom chaser high end scooter as well as an mini premium Mobot Harley e-scooter.

Inorder to generate more awareness for those who need to clear their old or unapproved scooter. MOBOT is giving out a $300 cash voucher for anyone who wants to trade in for a new MOBOT eScooter. Hurry and share out this post to get the FREE $300 voucher to be used till this weekend only. 

Cash voucher can only be utilised at MOBOT showroom. Terms and conditions applied.

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