FLEXI 3 wheel Electric Scooter


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  • Tech Spec/ Function
  • Folding Guide
  • Manual


Easy Folding Method

The Mobot Flexi has a simple folding method that can save space in the comforts of your home. You need not struggle your way through as you can easily fold this e-wheeler in less than a minute. Subsequent times will be even faster! Since it is foldable, you can fit it in the boot of a car. Once you have unfolded the e-wheeler, you can simply lock it and the height is adjustable.



Solid Pneumatic Tires


Good cushion of safety.Mobot Flexi uses pneumatic tires whereby the tire is made of an airtight inner core filled with pressurized air. By using these tires, it can help to absorb the uneven or bumpy terrain on pavements. It also has a better contact with the ground which increases sense of safety for users. Pneumatic tires are made of soft rubber thread and shock absorbing ability. Elderlies can use them without causing unnecessary noises from the tires.



User Friendly Interface


Mobot Flexi ensures a simple interface yet giving you a suave experience when riding this e-wheeler. Elderlies do not have to strain oneself whilst adjusting to your e-wheeler. The simple commands and buttons are located within one-arm length. The presence of interlockers helps prevent your e-wheeler from turning too fast. There is also the horn where you can alert people that you are present. The LED light is useful during night time or low visibility which is to provide you a sense of safety.



Comfortable seat and gears


It is easily foldable and you can simply pull it like a compact trolley. With the reverse gear provided, users do not need to hassle and make a big U-turn. The seat is rectangular so users have more stable surface for their body. The backrest is for users to relax so they do not have to strain their back while riding this e-wheeler. For the throttle, it is intuitive and sensitive. Go at your own pace so you can be relaxed and the ride will be safe as well. With the durable tires, users can have great stability and travel comfortably with good control.


Reliable trays


This e-wheeler is useful and reliable because you can rely on both trays. You can hang your bag on the front tray and as for the back tray, you can put your grocery/shopping bags or baskets with 3 lock positions that can hold up to 25 kg. Hence, when you are going shopping and running errands, you do not have to carry them but simply put it on the trays provided.



Detachable Battery


This Mobot Flexi has a detachable battery where you can pop it out of the e-wheeler and charge it Mobot uses lithium ion battery which is the fastest growing and most promising battery system. It prolongs the life span of the e-wheeler and is environmentally friendly. The e-wheeler will be fully loaded in about 3 hours and users can start travelling happily again.



Battery Type


Samsung SDI Battery Pack in Cylindrical Type with Protection Circuit Cell model: INR18650-15L

10.4 Ah Li-ion

Max Load (Kg)

Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)


Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions



Brushless DC motor

Frame Material

High-tensile Steel


Uses a rim band brake which know as the hub brake on the rear of the tire. Its consists of a stainless steel cable, wrapped in a kevlar sheath, that rides in a u-shaped channel on the side of the wheel rim.


  • 8 inch Solid Aireless Tire
  • Made of special material
  • Very Durable and Reliable
  • No Risk of Punctures

Shock Absorber

Intergrated suspension system in the front and rear

Extenal Buttons and Connectors


  • Locking Lever
  • Height Adjustable
  • Brake Handle
  • Light Switch
  • Horn Button
  • LCD Screen
  • Mode Button
  • On/Off Button
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Handle Bar Catch
  • Handle Grip
  • Front Light
  • Secondary Lock
  • Primary Lock
  • Front Suspension
  • Electric Disk Brake
  • Rear Suspension
  • Rear Wheel Motor
  • LCD Back and Brake Light
  • Kickstand
  • Charging Port
  • Front Wheel
  • Mudguard

LED Front Light

  1. LED solid state lighting
  2. 1 powerful LED white light when turn on

Red LED Rear Light

  1. LED solid state lighting
  2. 2 powerful LED Red rear light when turn on
  3. 2 powerful LED Red light when brake

Speed (Setting)

Maximum speed limit 35km/hr.
The speed setting depend on the throttle. The more the user press, the faster the e-scooter go.


The design of Mobot Swift offers a very stable and easy ride Even for persons that never used a scooter before.
The scooter’s design offers it stability without any other support.

Design In – Israel

Sleeping Mode (Function)

Leave the e-scooter for 5min and your e-scooter will switch off by itself. By having this function, it allow user to save more battery and cover more distance when travel.
This function can be activated or deactivated from the central control unit, according to the user’s needs.

Cruise Control (Function)

Press the thumb accelerator for 5 seconds with the same speed
Released from the thumb accelerator
The scooter maintains this steady speed.
To can cancel, press the thumb brake or the thumb accelerator
This function can be activated or deactivated from the central control unit, according to the user’s needs.


Completely foldable electric scooter.

Folding Guide

Folding is done in 3 steps and takes only a few seconds

  • Height Adjustable
  • Handlebar Folding
  • Main Body Folding
  • Automatic Unfolding body.




  1. Battery Indicator
  2. Speed Indicator
  3. Per Trip or Total Trip Indicator
  4. Total or Per Trip Distance Travel
  5. On/Off Button
  6. Mode Button (Function Button)
  7. Thumb Throttle