One week with Mobot Freedom Lite

I went to test Mobot Freedom Lite for a week. I decided to travel to the central and east part of Singapore, and managed to get on a public transport; just to test its portability. I specifically chose a conventional commuting route, to see how the performance of this electric scooter ism in terms of performance and portability.

Freedom Lite gave me a cool vibe when I rode it with its smart LED handle-bar. As I use the brakes, the led lights at the side of both handle-bar will turn red. As I accelerate, it will turn green. The Freedom Lite, that was given to me, to be tested, was black, which is a classy color. The design is very sleek and futuristic which is why I find it impressive and amazing when riding it. One of the key areas that I find very intriguing is when I started riding it, the electric scooter will accelerate at a constant pace, unlike some electric scooters, which will inject a burst of speed that might disorientate a inexperienced rider.

Another thing is when the battery ran out, other electric scooters that don’t come with a detachable battery like the Freedom Lite, might have to find a charging point to increase their journey duration. As for the Freedom Lite, because of its detachable battery, I was able quickly replace it with the new and fully charged battery that I brought with me. That is very useful and convenient. This features allows me to extend my electric scooter travel distance (it really depends on how many portable batteries you bought with you).

This e-scooter starts up easily with just a press of the start button. The throttle is very easy to use and when I accelerate. The speed and battery will clearly show on the LCD screen display. The brake is also very strong and effective. It was perfect for me to manoeuvre around.

There are some pavements that can be bumpy and quite rocky, however, the inbuilt front suspension and its 8 inches solid tire allows me to scoot through most bumps along the pavement. The frame of the scooter is made from high tensile aluminium alloy, which gave it the durability as well as the corrosion resistance that you look for in a electric scooter.

When I was going to a destination which required me to take the public transport(MRT), this e-scooter took about 1 minute to be folded and carried. This e-scooter weighs 11 kg which is easy for me to carry and has a compact structure. It did not disrupt or distract other commuters which I find it important for a personal mobility device.


As for riding up slope, I tried it when I was riding it around at East Coast Park and Marine Parade area. I just ensured I got the right speed to go up the slope and used the brakes carefully riding it down. The slope I tested the Freedom Lite on is about 25 degrees. I was able to climb the slope without getting off from it.

However, I feel that the power of the Freedom Lite decreased slightly as I tackle the steeper part of the slope. My weight is about 50 kg. Generally I was able to climb the slope, but as mentioned, I experienced a slight drop in power as I was climbing the steeper part of the slope. Of course, this only makes sense. So for someone whose weight is a bit more than mine, I would recommend you to tackle the slope more efficiently, by pushing yourself and the scooter up with your foot, while accelerating. If the slope is too steep, it could be wise to dismount the electric scooter.

To sum it up, Freedom Lite has been a great companion for a week. I am satisfied and happy about its performance. Singapore is a country well known for its public transport. There will always be places that buses and MRT can’t cover, that is why it is very convenient to bring an electric scooter. My week with the Freedom Lite, although short, it changed the way I commute drastically. Walking to the MRT station is no longer something I drag. Instead, with the Freedom Lite, I look forward to “scooting” over.

Brief comparison 

During the same week, I borrowed my friend’s Inokim Light electric scooter to get a brief comparison from both scooters. The first difference that I found is Freedom Lite has a detachable battery that I can carry with me which allows me to cover longer distance (Inokim Light come with an inbuilt battery). Secondly, Inokim Light has a slightly bigger battery than Freedom Lite, giving it an edge when it comes to single battery performance.

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