STARLITE PRO lightest Electric Scooter


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1 Second Easy Folding Function

Starlite Pro has an easy folding function which makes it so convenient. With this pull and release lever, the stem of Starlite Pro just folds down effortlessly. After it is being folded, it looks neat and compact as it can fit into public transport such as buses or MRT trains without causing an obstruction to commuters.



Advance Motor Technology

The motor of Starlite Pro develops a high torque and high power despite it being lightweight. By making use of Field Oriented Control (OFC) technology which causes the acceleration to be faster and smoother, providing the user a silent of electronic braking (EBS), it allows the battery to be recharged during the brake.


Built in LCD Display

Starlite Pro has a built in LCD display of the speedometer and odometer which allow our users to track the distance of their journey. Users are also able to gauge the amount of battery. It has equipped with a powerful headlight for better vision at night.


Ultra Slim 7.6mm Deck

By making use of the carbon fibre, the deck is super slim yet so durable as it can handle up to a max load of 100 kg despite the fact that it is only 7.6mm. The spring leaf shape of the deck acts a suspension to smooth out uneven paths during the process of scooting.


Smart and High Capacity Battery System

By making use of Lithium ion cells, it provides Starlite Pro with superb range and battery lifespan over 500 cycles. The battery of the electric scooter is being stored in the front steering tube for better heat distribution. It can run up to 35* km in range and with the smart BMS (Battery Management System), users do not need to worry anymore about overcharging their battery or having their battery to malfunction.

(* – depend on rider’s weight, riding style, road and battery conditions)




Starlite Pro is one of Mobot’s lightest e-scooter. It has a superb portability and it assures you can ride it effortlessly. With easy folding method, users can also carry it around in public transports such as buses and MRT trains without coming into contact or distracting other commuters. The e-scooter design is sleek and casual with minimal design as to accommodate to the e-scooter’s prime focus which is how thin and light it is.


Air Suspension Tires

Starlite Pro thick solid air suspension tires greatly improves the driving comfort of your e-scooter. It reduces wind resistance and improve the e-scooter’s stability. This e-scooter provides a smooth and constant ride quality and it assures users a safer feeling when riding it.


Battery Type


18650 Li-Ion

24V, 7.8 / 10.4 Ah

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)

20-25 / 30-35

Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


24V 250W Brushless DC motor

Frame Material

3K Toray Carbon Fibre


Front: Electric Anti-lock Braking System, EABS Solenoid Brake / Rear: Mechanical Fender Brake


  • 5.5” (140mm) 15mm Thick Solid Air Suspension Tires

Shock Absorber


Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Charging Cycle – 500 times

Speed (Setting)

3 Speed Setting: 12 / 18 / 25km/h




Yes, it can be folded.

Folding Guide