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Gardens by the Bay

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If you are looking upon attractions or beautiful views like me, garden by the bay would be a good consideration. Garden by the bay is a popular destination for both tourists and locals as it has an extraordinary views. Especially its night views, as there are attractive light shows that would just leave you in awe.

I had always liked taking pictures of the places that I had visited as it is a form of memory for me to reminisce. If you are like me, Gardens by the Bay is definitely the place you would want to take pictures of. Its extraordinary views is one you would never want to forget.

I started my journey from Dragonfly Bridge after walking through the underground link-way from Bayfront MRT. From there, I scoot my way along the pathway leading to Gardens by the Bay. As the light shows only starts at night, I decided to tour around the place while waiting for it. I visited the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. On my way there, I scoot across the Heritage Garden consisting of 4 different themes (Colonial, Malay, Chinese, Indian).

After the ride through the Heritage Gardens, I bought ticket to visit both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. You must be wandering how you are going to carry the scooter around or whether it is allowed in. Rest assure as most scooters are foldable and easy to carry. Remember to follow the necessary rule and not scoot around prohibited places; other than that, you are safe to carry your scooters around. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest opened daily from 9am to 9pm. Last ticket sales time at 8pm and last admission at 8.30pm.

After a long day of travelling, one would be bound to get hungry. Gardens by the Bay offers a wide range of options from fine dining, café delights, fast foods to hawker fares. But if you are looking for a more affordable price range, I would recommend the food at Satay by the Bay. They offer reasonable priced food for a tourist area. You can choose from a variety of food.

Satay by the bay is to the far right from the Cloud Forest so it may take some travelling time when travelling back to Gardens by the Bay. However, the longer distance allows you to enjoy a slow ride and the night breeze on the scooter; it helps to digest your food before the show too. After the show, you could retrace your route.

Of course, there are still other places where you can visit. So, feel free to drop by Gardens by the Bay and have your own little trip. The scooters I would recommend to use would be Starlite or Mobot Freedom lite as they are one of the lighter scooters available and travel up to a distance of 30km, which is more than adequate for travelling around Gardens by the Bay, not to mention, they are highly portable too.

1 3 300x169 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore1 2 300x175 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore









There will be a STAR WARS Edition featuring a dazzling music and light composition set against the epic STAR WARS soundtrack happening from 7 May to 2 June 2017 from 7.45pm to 8.45pm except for the 29th of May.

Following up, there will be a Gardens turn five, celebration with Gardens Extravaganza – a spectacular edition of the Garden Rhapsody light, and sound show, enhanced with stunning video mapping on the towering Supertrees – happening for the whole month of June. There will also be exclusive performance prepared on the 3rd and 4th of June.


18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953

How to get there:


Circle line (Alight at Bayfront MRT)

Downtown line (Alight at Bayfront MRT)

Take exit B

East-West line (Alight Tanjong Pagar MRT)

Take exit C and take bus 400 (Alight along Marina Gardens Drive)

Bus Services.:

97, 97e, 106, 133, 502, 502A, 518, 518A, NR1, NR6

Around Marina Bay

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2 2 300x190 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore2 1 1 300x198 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore
















If Gardens by the Bay is not enough for you, you can consider having a ride around Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is just a few meters away from Gardens by the Bay. You can even alight at the same stop (Bayfront) if you are travelling by MRT. Similar to Gardens by the Bay, the scenery around Marina Bay Sands is mesmerizing. Especially along the Helix Bridge where you can see the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum.

There will be a light and water show available at Marina Bay Sands every night for free. The show starts at 8pm and 9.30pm. There will be an additional show available on Friday and Saturday at 11pm. Each show would be 15 minutes long with lights lighting up the sky from the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands. The dancing lights will also be accompanied by music that could be heard around the whole bay area.

I would advise you to come to Marina Bay Sands in the late afternoon, have a walk around at the shopping mall and have your dinner before you make your way to the Event Plaza in front of The Shoppe; to view the show. After the show, you can make your way along the Helix Bridge towards The Float at Marina Bay where you can scoot towards Marina Square and take the MRT at Esplanade.

With this, not only will you be able to watch the light and water show, you would also be able to take in the beautiful night views along the Helix Bridge and enjoy the night breeze at Marina Bay Sands. You would also be able to take breath-taking pictures and upload onto various social medias if you want.

The recommended scooters to be used would be Mobot Spring or Freedom Chaser as not only is it foldable and easy to carry, it also comes with a seat thus you would not fell tired of standing for too long.


10 Bayfront Avenue, 018956

How to get there:


Circle line (Alight at Bayfront)

Downtown line (Alight at Bayfront)

Exit C & D or E

Bus Services:

97, 106, 518, 133, 502, 97E, 502A, 518A, NR1, NR6

Bus Stops:

03509 Marina Bay Sands Hotel

03501 Marina Bay Sands Theatres

03511 Marina Bay Sands MICE

03519 Opposite Marina Bay Sands MICE

Singapore River, Esplanade, Merlion park

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3 4 300x300 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore3 3 300x225 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore












Another attraction in Singapore would be the Merlion at Merlion Park. The Merlion Park is a popular location for both tourist as well as locals. Many people can be seen going there to take a shot of the enigmatic Singapore Merlion. The Merlion is a Singapore icon. You can get creative with your selfie, or take a nice time-lapse video with the Merlion. The skies is the limit on your creativity.

3 7 300x200 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore3 5 300x225 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore











To get to the Merlion Park, you can start your journey at the Esplanade and scoot along the pedestrian bridge adjacent to the Esplanade Bridge which would link you directly to the Merlion Park. From there, you can proceed across the Anderson Bridge and make your way towards the Singapore River. Along the way, you would be able to see places like the Arts House and Parliament of Singapore. There will also be café or restaurants along the way in case you get hungry.

The scooters that I would recommend you using would be the Freedom Chaser as not only does it go up to 50km to 60km, it is also foldable and seats can be installed so you won’t be afraid of getting tired while travelling a long distance. As this could be quite a challenging course. The bigger wheels of the Freedom Chasers, will give you a better experience crossing curbs and gaps in between tiles. Not only that, the Freedom Chaser come with an auto accelerating system, which allow for hands free acceleration. Giving you more control over your ride.


1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

How to get there:


North-South line (Alight at City Hall)

East-West line (Alight at City Hall)

Circle line (Alight at Esplanade)

Bus Services:

The Esplanade (02061):

56, 70M, 75, 97, 97e, 106, 111, 133, 162M, 171, 195, 531, 700A, 857, 960, 961, 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, NR1, NR2, NR5, NR6, NR7, NR8

Esplanade Bridge (02111):

10, 57, 70, 128, 162, 196, 531, 652, 656, 660, 700, 850E, 868, 951E, 971E


4 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore






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4 1 300x220 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore











Sentosa is a common place for both tourist and locals. Before the introduction of e-scooter, visitor will have to make do with walking or cycling at Sentosa. Now, with e-scooter, you will be able to scoot direct from Vivocity to Sentosa. It is a whole new way to experience the island.

4 3 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore

Afraid that you don’t have a e-scooter? Fear not as there is an exclusive rental service that is only available at Vivo City Giant Level 1 – our Mobot rent-a-scoot program. You can head over and rent the e-scooter for a day and start your journey directly from there. Head straight to Sentosa Boardwalk and scoot along the pavement towards Sentosa. You don’t even have to worry about the weather as the boardwalk is sheltered. And what more, you won’t have to wait for the Sentosa Express monorail and squeeze your way through people just to get a spot. You can take your time enjoying the breeze and wind blowing at you and even listen to some music.

Once you reached the Beach Station, you also would not have to wait in line for the shuttle buses to travel to the different beaches as you can just use your e-scooters. If you are afraid that there will be too many people and you won’t be able to scoot, don’t be, as now, there are lane meant for pedestrian and cyclist. Since e-scooters can be used on cycling paths, you would not have to worry. In addition, Sentosa being a private island, it is possible for you to ride on certain part of the service roads.

You can start from Tanjong Beach from the far left and scoot your way along the roads to the other beaches. Upon reaching the beaches, you can park your scooters or fold your scooter and bring it along with you. The scooter is easy to fold and light weight so it is convenient to bring along. You can take some time to relax and enjoy the sea breeze or just play along with your friends or family before heading to another destination. The views at the beaches is a sight to behold. I managed to find some good area to take some shameless selfies too!

Depending on your planned route, some scooter with smaller battery might not make the cut. For my journey, I rented a freedom chaser from Mobot’s rent-a-scoot booth at Vivocity Giant level 1. After which, I took on the cycling route beside the Sentosa boardwalk and scooted directly down to Sentosa. From there, I managed to cross a zebra crossing and climbed a eight-degree incline slope. As I was quite light, my freedom chaser had no issues climbing the slope, however, my friend who weight a little heavier, had to push through the steeper slope. We manage to clear the cycling path toward Tanjon beach, and scooted all the way down to Siloso beach. We stopped there and this is where we took our selfies. After which, we took the monorail back to Vivocity and returned our scooter.

Furthermore, Sentosa also provides visitors with other attractions like the Sea Aquarium, Universal Studio and Adventure Cove Waterpark. The opening hours are mostly from 9am to 10pm daily but may close as early as 6pm for some. The last entry is usually 30 minutes before the closing time. Hence, other than touring around Sentosa, visitors can also ride their scooters and enjoy the attractions available as most of the scooters are foldable and easy to carry around.


8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island. Singapore 098269

How to get there:


North-East line (Alight at HarbourFront)

Circle line (Alight at HarbourFront)

Take the Sentosa Express at Level 3 (Vivo City Mall)

  • First train – 7am
  • Last train – 12mn

Walk along Sentosa Boardwalk

Bus Services:

65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166

(Alight along Telok Blangah Road)


5 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore















5 3 300x200 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore5 1 300x189 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore








Chinatown is a place that has a mixture of old and new. From traditional shops and markets to modern shopping malls. The place is designed to offer visitors a more authentic experience from the culture, heritage and food to the history of Singapore. By visiting Chinatown, one can experience its rich heritage inspired site.

I had always enjoyed visiting Chinatown for its food and authentic designs.You can enjoy a wide variety of food at Chinatown. I recommend visiting the Chinatown’s food street and have a taste of Singapore’s food.

You can start your journey by alighting at the Chinatown Station (North-East/ Downtown) and travel from there. In front of the Chinatown Station, there are shop houses that sells beautiful souvenirs that you can buy. If you move further down, you would reach the Chinatown Heritage Centre. If you want to visit the Heritage Centre, you can simply fold up your scooter and bring it along with you. At the Heritage Centre, you could trace the footsteps of Singapore’s early pioneers and discover their personal stories. Moving from there, you will come across various temples like the Nagore Dargah temple and Thian Hock Keng Temple.

For this journey, we recommend you take a highly portable electric scooter like the Mobot Starlite. As some of this area can be crowded, there are times where you will need to fold your scooter and bring it through traffic. Therefore, it will be best to bring along a more portable e-scooter. For the Mobot Starlite, you can pair it with a sling belt, and sling it around your back. Despite its light weight, it can travel quite a distance too – around 35km.

How to get there:


North-East line (Alight at Chinatown)

Downtown line (Alight at Chinatown)

Bus Services:

South bridge Road – C2, 166, 197, NR5

Maxweel Road – 80, 145

Eu Tong Sen Street (People’s Park Centre)– 2, 12, 33, 54, 143, 147, 190, 520

Eu Tong Sen Street (People’s Park Complex) – 21 12, 33, 61, 63, 80, 143, 197, 961, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28

New Bridge Road – 2, 12, 33, 54, 143, 147, 190, 520, 851, 961, 961C

West Coast Park


6 1 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore






6 1 1 300x189 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore6 2 300x191 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore







6 3 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore





Finding a place to spend a weekend with your family or friends? West Coast Park would be an ideal place for you. Being themed as the “Play Centre in the West”, it does truly live up to its name. It is one of the ideal place where family or friends can chill, relax and enjoy a bit of catching up.

The different adventure playgrounds at the park means that your kids would never feel bored. With its eight different play sets and obstacle courses, your child will definitely find something that they like.

And for those that are older, don’t think that there is nothing for you to do as West Coast Park also provides you with running and cycling tracks where you can exercise. You can also bring along an e-scooter and scoot your way around the park while enjoying the wind and scenery, while the younger ones are playing at the playgrounds. You can even scoot your way to the park if you are living nearby.

Furthermore, the park also provides barbecue pits where you, your friends, and family members can arrange for gathering, parties, celebrations or specific occasions. You can setup a simple picnic session or even setup a mini stay out at West Coast Park as there are designated areas for you to set up tents to spend the night (just remember to apply for camping permit)!

All in all, west Coast Park would be an enjoyable place for you to spend your time at as it provides a wide variety of activities. It would also be a wonderful place for you and your family to spend quality time together with all the facilities available. Being near the beach, you can expect amazing night view if you are staying late.

The recommended scooter to be used would be the Mobot Knight or Harley. It design is similar to that of a bike thus it would be a good choice to ride it at a park. Also, these scooters can go up to 30km to 40km which is sufficient for use at West Coast Park even if you were to scoot from your house nearby.

W Coast Park, Singapore 127649

How to get there:


East-West line (Alight at Clementi/ Jurong East)

North-South line (Alight at Jurong East)


Bus 175 (Alight opp McDonald (17299))

Jurong East:

Bus 176 (Jurong Regional Library (28249)), (Alight opp McDonald (17299))

Bus Services:

176, 175, 30, 21, 143

East Coast park

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7 1 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore






7 4 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore7 2 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore7 3 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore









Another park, this time at the east. Family time, picnic, exercise, and unique activites. You name it, you got it at East Coast Park. In the past, I have tried cycling from East coast park to Marina Barrage. It was a rewarding journey, but also a tiring one. This time, with an electric scooter, I managed to tried out the route again.

I started from the area near Upper East Coast Park. From there, I scoot along the cycling path with minimum obstruction. The road are smooth, while the air smelled of salts. As I travelled down the route, I was greeted by fellow electric scooter rider. All along, being accompanied by the sea right beside me. I took a turn towards Garden by the Bay and then I was already reaching my destination. The journey was a breeze, I did not break out in sweat, and I managed to take ini more of the sea breeze too.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring along your e-scooter and experience it yourself. The estimated distance from East Coast Park to Marina Barrage would be 18km. Hence, if you were to travel back and forth, you would need to have a scooter that goes up to at least 40km to 50km to ensure that you complete the journey without a hitch. If that is the case, I would recommend the Mobot Freedom Chaser as it can go up to 60km when fully charged.


E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876

How to get there:


East-West line (Alight at Bedok)

Bus 196, 197 (Alight along Marine Parade Road)

Bus Services:

16, 31, 36, 55, 76, 135, 155, 196, 197, 853

(Alight at Marine Parade Road)

Coney Island

8 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore





8 1 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore8 2 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore














Currently, Coney Island Park is Singapore’s largest nature attraction. So if you want to have a feel of nature, Coney Isalnd Park would be your best choice. With one bridge at each end, Coney Island Park is connected to Punggol Point Park and Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6. Coney Island would be the ideal place for active people as they would get to explore its coastal forests, grassland, mangroves and casuarina woodlands.

You can start your journey at either side of the entrance and make your way though the island arriving at the other side. Remember to take a photo at the famous Coney Island gate too. Along the way, you can try to spotting the different wildlife avaliable like the beautiful butterfiles, birds and squirrels. Remember to look out for the boardwalk. It leads to a mangrove forest near Beach Area C. Make sure you pay attention to it, or else you might miss out on one of the most scenic, Insta-worthy place in Cony Island.

Furthermore, Coney Island is also an excellent place for bird watching. If you are into bird watching and you own an electric scooter. Cony island is the place, where you can truly, kill two birds with one stone. The electric scooter give you the travelling power to cover longer distance with little effort; while riding, you will be able to bird watch to your content. Ride to a good spot, draw your camera out, and start snapping away. It is a great weekend getaway for those that are looking to disconnect from the fast pace lifestyle of Singapore. Take a breath of fresh air at Cony Island.

The opening hours of Coney Isalnd is from 7am to 7pm daily. The gates will be closed at 7pm. Estimate travel distance at Coney Island would be around 6.4km. Riders can choose to ride their scooters from Punggol Point Park to Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6.

The recommended scooters are Flexi (for elderly) and Freedom Chaser as some roads at Coney Island may be rough, it would be better to choose scooter that are more “all-terrain” prove.


Punggol Promenade Nature Walk | Punggol Point Park, Beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Singapore, Singapore

How to get there:


North-East line (Alight at Punggol)

Take exit C

Bus 84 (Alight at Punggol Road End)

Bus Services:

84, 386

Punggol Park

9 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore













9 1 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore9 2 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore












Punggol Park is another ideal place for family to bond and enjoy family time. You and your family can come together and choose to have a simple picnic on the grass. Enjoy the view, as well as spend time catching up with one another. You can ride a bike, run, or play some games. Get on your electric scooter, and you can start exploring different part of the park.

9 3 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore9 4 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore











If you are living near Punggol or Sengkang, you can start your way at the corner of the park near Sungei Pinang. From there, you can continue travelling straight where you will be at the park connector. As you continue, you would be seeing a lot of people cycling, running or even roller blading. Along the way, you will be able to see a few food stores like the ones above where you can take a break.

If you were to continue on further down, you will be able to explore the Lorong Halus Wetlands or play along the Promenade. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the view around Punggol Park. Take this opportunity for people to relax and catch up on the loss of family time from a busy week. After that, you could just head to the place where you came from and take the transport home from there.

The total distance of the park is estimated to be around 26km. Hence, it would be best if riders use a scooter that could at least travel up to 30km. Recommended scooters to be used would be the Xtreme x4, Lancer or Freedom Chaser, as they are the scooter that can travel the distance.


Hougang Avenue 8 and Hougang Avenue 10, 538768


North-East line (Alight at Hougang)

North-East line (Alight at Buangkok)

Bus Services:

62, 74, 74e, 113, 119, 147 (Opp Punggol Park)

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

10 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore10 1 1 243x173 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore10 2 - 10 places to scoot in Singapore









Being the gateway to Singapore nature reserves, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a popular spot for nature lovers. We often see people visiting MacRitchie Reservoir Park because of its popular trekking/ hiking trails. But have you ever wander what else can be done there?

From my many visits to MacRitchie, I can say that there are a lot more things to do there than what people has expected. From, water activity to land activity, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is filled with activities that you can enjoy. You can scoot to your destination or just simply scoot around and enjoy the view along the pathways. For example, you can view the waterworks machinery close up or scoot through MacRitchie’s very own “Lombard Street”.

Furthermore, it is also a sanctuary for bird watching where bird lovers can come together and discuss about their interest. Setup your camera, or take break, while enjoying its wonderful view and scenery. It is a good place for you to relax and recharge. In addition, the Park’s does have night lighting, starting from 7pm to 7am. Hence, you can also visit the park at night with your scooter too. Just take note to keep your scooter lit up while riding at night. The distance of the park is around 10km, most electric scooter will be able to cover this distance. You could even ride from home if you happen to live nearby.


Reservoir Rd, Singapore

How to get there:


Circle line (Alight at Caldecott)

Bus Services:

52, 74, 93, 157, 130, 132, 156, 162, 162M, 165, 166, 167, 852, 855, 980

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