LANCER 2nd Gen E-Scooter


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Solid and Stable

With the 12-inch inflatable tires, users can have better control of the electric scooter. It increases the sense of stability and it allows up to 2 users riding it. There are front and rear disk brakes added which enable users to do an immediate brake while not compromising the safety. Furthermore, when two users are riding on this electric scooter, there is a heavier load which also suggests that a stronger and more powerful brake is needed to stop the power.



Strong Frame Material


MOBOT Lancer 2nd Gen has a body frame that is made up of high tensile steel which is a durable material whereby the electric scooter is able to take up a maximum weight of 140 kg. The base is made up of the strongest type of plastic called melamine. By using melamine, it is very durable and reliable as it can prevent water damage on the electric scooter and have a longer life span.


Key Start Up


With the key start up system, users do not have to worry about any security issue where their personal electric vehicle gets stolen outdoor. The power has to be turned on by the key. Without the key, the electric scooter cannot be powered up. Do ensure you are always responsible by having your key with you.



User Friendly Interface


Users such as the elderlies are able to learn the basic operation of this e-scooter without having to worry or hesitate whether they can ride it or not. It is as simple as turning the handlebar for acceleration and pressing the brakes on the handlebar. You also have the horn and headlight for you to signal and be aware of your surroundings. The folding method is also as easy so you can safely keep it in the comforts of your home.



Air Suspension Tires


MOBOT Lancer 2nd Gen has air suspension tires which ensure that your braking and steering are controlled at best. With these tires, it can eliminate rough ride and improves ride quality as they absorb any uneven terrains and stay put to the ground surface. The shock absorber at the rear of your electric scooter helps a lot with the bumps on pavements too.


Pleasant Seats


This electric scooter wants you to ride with content. A good support for your bottom, users can feel relaxed and free from constraint. The width, shape and material used for MOBOT Lancer 2nd Gen all contribute to comfort and it is durable too. The second seat has a back rest so you do not get unnecessary cramps and you can relax your back cozily. Ride safely, ride comfortably.


Battery Type


Li-ion Battery Pack with Protection Circuit Cell

36V, 10.4Ah Li-ion

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)


Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


36V 300W Brushless Toothed High Speed Motor

Frame Material

High Tensile Alloy Carbon Steel, Thick Acrylic Base


Front and Rear disk brake system


  • 12”(305mm) Thick Solid Air Suspension Tires

Shock Absorber

Rear Spring Suspension

Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Charging Cycle – 800 times

Speed (Setting)

Maximum speed limit 25km/h.


 Germany Berlin


Folding Guide

Firstly, detach the seat from the e-scooter by unlocking the latch . Give the seat a push to the front towards the handle and it will come off.

  1. Next, locate the locking sliver switch on the stem of the scooter. It can be found on the stem near the end. Tilt the lever upwards to unlock the locking mechanism that is keeping the e-scooter upright.
  2. There! You have successfully folded the bike into a portable size!


LED Front Light

LED solid state lighting
Main-1 powerful LED white light

Red LED Rear Light

LED Red light when brake