Launch of Royale by Mobot 7.6kg Titanium Tri-fold bicycle

ROYALE’S first 7.6 kg Titanium bicycle

Introducing the latest lineup of premium folding bicycles from MOBOT: ROYALE by MOBOT Titanium Series Tri-fold Bicycles. The ROYALE by MOBOT Titanium Tri-fold Series is the highest specification of Titanium Tri-fold bikes available for off-the-shelf purchase in Singapore.

The ROYALE Titanium is not just built, but crafted for you. The frame, fork, and stem is fashioned from Grade 9 Titanium, an alloy metal that stands as the optimal choice for numerous manufacturers due to its outstanding mechanical properties. This includes good ductility and toughness, which make soldering easier and reduce the likelihood of cracking. Grade 9 Titanium also possesses a high fatigue strength that resists the onset of rumbling vibrations. With an excellent corrosion resistance, this titanium alloy surpasses the attributes of pure titanium.

Due to the characteristics of titanium, these components have to be meticulously hand-welded by in-house bike frame specialists. The expertise and resources required for such precision welding are substantial, making titanium bicycles a premium choice for enthusiasts who value exceptional craftsmanship and performance.

RoyaleGrade9TitaniumFrame scaled - Launch of Royale by Mobot 7.6kg Titanium Tri-fold bicycle

Apart from its exceptional lightweight material, the ROYALE Titanium is equipped with SCHWALBE Kojak 16-inch tyres. The Kojak tyres are known for their sporty, threadless, and lightweight design, specifically built for high-performance use. Featuring a completely smooth surface, these tyres effectively reduce rolling resistance and offer exceptional grip on smooth, paved surfaces. These tyres also possess RaceGuard lining, enhancing puncture protection. This added layer of security significantly minimises the risk of flats, ensuring a smooth and worry-free ride.

As one of MOBOT’s innovations, the ROYALE Titanium is also equipped with the world’s first seatpost storage, the Tube+, a design that allows you to securely tuck away your essentials with ease. In addition to this, the ROYALE Titanium has lightweight hollow brake levers that provide precise control while ensuring the bike remains agile and responsive.

Titaniumseatpost scaled - Launch of Royale by Mobot 7.6kg Titanium Tri-fold bicycle

The exclusively designed carbon rims are more than just an aesthetic choice; they are a performance upgrade. Carbon rims are lighter and less susceptible to common issues associated with spoke rims, such as spoke breakage. The carbon rims on the ROYALE by MOBOT Titanium tri-fold series also sports an unique design.

RoyaleTitaniumCarbonTrispoke scaled - Launch of Royale by Mobot 7.6kg Titanium Tri-fold bicycle

This bicycle comes in 3 unique variations: 3-speed with Standard Spoke Rims, 3-speed with Dual Tri-spoke Carbon Rims, and 9-speed with Dual Tri-spoke Carbon Rims equipped with SHIMANO Sora and it stands as MOBOT’s lightest tri-fold bicycles in the market. Research and development of different specifications of the ROYALE by MOBOT Tri-fold Titanium bicycle are currently underway.

RoyaleTitaniumShimanoSora scaled - Launch of Royale by Mobot 7.6kg Titanium Tri-fold bicycle

Elevate your cycling experience with this masterpiece of luxury, performance, and convenience. Whether you’re commuting through the city or exploring the countryside, the ROYALE Titanium is ready to take you on an unforgettable ride.

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