The Best Stylish E-bike in Singapore- NAKXUS NF1

I’m quite passionate about photography, during my off days I go out to random spots to take pictures. I go out very frequently, and also stop every now and then to take pictures. I have always wanted to get a personal mobility device that would help me move around that is convenient to my type of travel. I was looking for a power assisted device to ease my effort. Also I wanted something which has a good mileage and good looking. One of my friends who did food delivery recommended Ji Move MC. Then I decided to go down to a nearby shop and take a look at the models that were available. Mobot was the nearest retailer for me.

As I went down I took a closer look and test ride on the Ji Move MC, but then I was quite unhappy with it looks. It was then the sales executive introduced me to the latest launch from Mobot. NAKXUS NF1, is a LTA approved e-bike with orange seal. The first look itself caught my attention. It had a very contemporary and sophisticated appearance. I asked the sales representative to explain more about the bike. The bike had a 36V 250W DC brushless motor and an 8.7 AH battery. With one full charge it can go up to a distance of 70kms. The tyres where 16 inch and the e-bike had dual disk brakes. And both were off the same price.

Out of confusion, I asked the sales girl to compare both the bikes. She began with the suspension, NAKXUS NF1 came with a suspension whereas Ji Move MC never had one. The next difference was obviously, the better looks. NAKXUS NF1 had a sporty and stylish appearance, but Ji Move MC had a very old fashioned look, to me. NAKXUS also had bigger tyres than Ji Move MC.

Apart from all these difference, the one that really caught all my interest was that of the charging hours. Ji Move MC had a 20.8AH battery which can go up to 120kms and requires a charging hour of 11-12 hours. But NAKXUS battery was 8.7AH battery with a mileage of 70kms and only needs 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Now you all might be thinking how that a reason to choose NAKXUS NF1 over Ji Move MC. It’s simple, they had a promotion for NAKXUS, which was I additional free battery. This upgrades the battery capacity to 17.4 and can travel up to 140kms. Also even if I charge both the batteries it will only take 8-9hrs in total. By this way I can save my electricity consumption and get better mileage. What more do I need to choose to NAKXUS NF1 over Ji Move MC!

I went for NAKXUS NF1. It has been around 1-1.5 months since I purchased the bike, so far I haven’t experienced any issues with the bike. Although once I got the front tyre punctured by a nail which I did not notice on the road. The mileage is also well maintained, I get around 60-70 km with one fully charged battery. Also the bike is quite powerful and has a really good pulling. Overall, I’m happy with the e-bike.

Apart from the e-bike, I would like to mention about the customer service that the Mobot offered. The sale executive who attended me was Nancy, she was very friendly and made me deciding upon which bike to go for easier. Also, the other staff at the service center was also of utmost help. They realized my needs and concerns when I went down to repair my bike. Mobot provided me with best service they could. Thank you team Mobot!

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