User Guide for Uber S100 Electric Scooter

MOBOT Uber S100 Electric Scooter Folding Guide (Mandarin)

MOBOT Uber S100 Electric Scooter is a simple, foldable E-Scooter. Here is a guide which shows how the user can bring it around conveniently into public transport such as train, MRT, and bus as well as keeping it in your personal car boot.



This model is called Uber S100. For this model, you can open it like this. You have to ensure that these two parts are aligned. The brakes should be facing the front. When you are screwing it back, ensure that there’s a rubber ring on the screw, do not lose it.


In order to fold this up, you will have to push this lever up and pull this screw out. Do you see this hole? You lock into this hole when you want to use the scooter but if you want to fold it up, you will lock it into the hole above. This is it, you can now lift it up and carry around. The advantage of this scooter is you don’t have to pump the wheels, the power supply is on the side and you can use basic charging adaptor for charging. This is the on/off switch.


When you want to open it up, you have to pull this screw out and make sure the holes are aligned before you put it back in and that’s all. We have come to the end of the tutorial.