Why is electric scooter growing in popularity?

MOBOT on Channel 8 News [03-06-2016]


Electric Scooters are becoming more and more common in the recent years and sales have doubled for the past 2 months. Channel 8 News takes a look at the reason behind the growing popularity of E-Scooters. Find out more in the video, or read the transcript below.


Anchor: Personal mobility devices are becoming more and more popular. For the past 2 months, the average sales have been doubling. At this year’s IT show, we’ve seen many variety of goods. One of the most popular product is the E-Scooter. Let’s take a look at Reporter Lee Kai Yan news report.


Reporter: This is the latest E-Scooter on the market. It weighs 6kg. It is convenient enough to be brought into train and buses. This 2-seater E-scooter allows user to fetch people around. This personal mobility device has been approved by LTA, which allows them to be used on pedestrian pavements with a speed limit of 15km/h.

Ifrey: Majority of the customers are teenagers. Now we are seeing more middle-aged customers coming in to buy our E-Scooters because it is becoming more attractive. Reason being the speed is adjusted automatically and it doesn’t require any pedalling.


Reporter: Most of the people surveyed have told us that the main reason for buying a personal mobility device is for leisure activities. There are some who said it is to allow them to travel faster to and fro work.


Audience 1: There’s no MRT at the new office so E-Scooter is one of the best alternatives and it’s also ‘green’.


Audience 2: My house is 15 minutes walk away to the nearest MRT station. I will consider buying in case of LRT breakdown.


Voiceover: Retailers expressed that among all the personal mobility devices, E-Scooters are the best sellers. Reason being they are portable and easy to balance.


Reporter: Since the LTA has approved the usage of E-Scooters, they have managed to attract a lot of customers this year and they have left a big space for customers to try out their scooters.