CNA interview with Mobot Director Mr Ifrey Lai

CNA interview MOBOT Boss, Mr Ifrey Lai on Smart home product


Our director had an interview with CNA at SITEX. Cleaning the outer half of your windows can be tough and dangerous. Here at Mobot, we not only supply smart electric scooter, we also have a window cleaning robot (the winbot). Find out more in the video, or read the transcript below.



Male Anchor: In the latest personal mobility device around for a spin or trying out outdoor sports technology while climbing a rock wall, this year’s annual IT exhibition, SITEX, not only showcases the cutting edge in consumer technology trends but also let visitors try using them as well.


Reporter: But if you’re more at home indoors, SITEX still have much to offer. Visitors can explore this mock-up of a smart home, one of three thematic experiential serves to test and try technologies.

Here, they can control blind and lights using smartphones, as well as to discover this robotic window cleaner, which hooks fast to the glass using vacuum suction.


Ifrey: For outside window, previously we always engage maid to do the cleaning, but sometimes it’s very dangerous. With this window robot, cleaning outside window is just a piece of cake.


Shirley: As you know at a show like this, it is very transactional. We wanted the views and the audience here to be able to experience what it means to be living in a smart home environment, what are possibilities that is out there, and give them a glimpse of into what the future can really bring to them in terms of convenience, and in terms of better living.