10 Recommended Electric Scooter Accessories



One of the first accessories, or in other words, the most important accessory that you should have is a quality helmet. It is important that you have a sturdy head protective gear. Many experienced riders often buy an extra helmet. By wearing a helmet, it helps to reduce the risk of any head injuries during accidents. Some points to consider when purchasing a helmet is that you should always make sure that it fits comfortably on your head and not rock from side to side when you are riding to maintain its effectiveness. These helmets are available at Mobot.


Similar to the helmet, the glove is also one of the accessories you should have. Think back and recall the first thing that goes down when you have an accident. For most of us, it would be usually our hands. Hence, it is important for you to have gloves as it is your responsibility as a rider to take the necessary protective measures that shield you from any forms of injuries.


Finding ways to secure your electric scooter? A lock would be an effective tool to solve your problem. There are different locks for you to choose. From cable locks to chain locks, you can slowly take your pick. The lock allows you to attach your scooter to post or anything stationary which prevents it from getting stolen when you are not able to bring it.
For cable locks, it is usually lighter to carry it around, but it can be easily cut. Therefore, we recommend only using cable locks if you are going to lock your e-scooter at spots where you can easily spot your electric scooter.
For chain locks, it is usually heavier than cable locks, but it is sturdier. We recommend that you choose solid chain locks if you are going to lock your electric scooter someplace where you might not be able to spot it often. The sturdier the lock, the safer your electric scooter.


Sometime you might need to park your electric scooter outdoor. This is when the cover sheets come in. This accessory improves the life of your scooter as it shelters it from the sun, dust, rain, and other elements. It is advised that you buy a durable cover that can last at least a few years, make sure that it is waterproof and is easy for storing.

Phone holder

Has there been a time where you find yourself having to stop halfway and fumble to pick up a call while riding? Although you can easily stop at the roadside and pick up a call, sometimes don’t you just wish you can pick up your call easily while continuing the ride?

This is where the phone holder comes in. By installing a phone holder, you can easily answer your phone while riding. You will be able to easily have a glance at any update from your smartphone. If you are looking to scoot to someplace new, the phone holders allow you to mount it on your electric scooter’s handlebar. Now, at a glance, you can check if you are heading towards the right direction. You can buy a phone holder from our online accessory store, you can visit our showroom, or you can buy it off any bicycle store near you.

Basket, Box, Pouch

Afraid that there is not enough storage space? Why not buy a basket, box or pouch? It is one of the most practical electric scooter accessories that you can have. Additional storage compartment allows you to carry more, for example a heavy water bottle that you don’t want to carry on your back, if you are travelling longer distances. In addition, you can use this storage space to keep your locks, cover sheets, or even some shopping items. You do not need to be lugging around a bag whereever you go.


Finding it hard to push around your scooters? Why not buy yourself an electric scooter carrier? With a scooter carrier, you would be able to carry your electric scooter in a bag. You can sling it over like a bag. Not only that, this bags also give you some space to clip your helmets and some other equipment if needed. Using an electric scooter bag could greatly improve the portability of your electric scooter.
Mobot currently offers two carriers type. A traditional carrier bag and a trolley bag. With the carrier, you can carry it on your shoulder whereas, for the trolley bag, you can slot your scooter in and trolley it around like a luggage.


Lighting is an essential part of an electric scooter. A good front/rear light could help you navigate the night easily. I the night time, where some roads and places might not be as well lit, a good light allows road users to see you, as well as for you to see them, ; thus, allowing time to react accordingly. Base on your preference, there are many different kinds of lights for you to choose from. These lights can be placed on the handlebar or attached to the seats. You can purchase some of these lights at our Mobot online store, or at your local bicycle store.


Adding a mirror means that you are safer and you can pay attention to traffic from the back, contributing to a better safety riding experience. Without needing to look back, and thereby neglecting the front, you can quickly take a glance in the mirror to see if any car is speeding up from behind. Adding the right type of mirror could even help you to spice up the overall looks of your electric scooter. For example, look at the Mobot Rover: by adding two side mirrors, it instantly helps to enhance the overall look of the electric scooter. If you are interested, you can make your purchase directly from Mobot.

Knee and Elbow Guard Set

Sometimes, paying attention to the safety guideline might not be enough. There are some occurrences, where accidental loss of control could happen. A third party, which has lost control, could also harm the rider, if he is not guarded well. Therefore, it is recommended to consider getting yourself a safety guard set to protect your knees and elbows. Those are places, where  we are most likely to injure ourselves, if we fall from an electric scooter.. If you are looking to get the set, you can buy the accessories from our online store, or any bike store, supermarket, or skateboard store.

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Half Finger Cycling Gloves – Cylion

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Magnetic Visor Helmet

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