MOBOT L1-1- UL2272 certified e-scooter with hologram UL2272 mark label

Singapore first UL2272 certified e-scooter MOBOT U3

MOBOT, a Singapore personal mobility devices (PMD) brand, released its first UL2272 certified electric scooter (e-scooter) on 25 Dec 2018. The MOBOT L1-1 is the first e-scooter launched in Singapore bearing the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) hologram certification mark. The MOBOT L1-1 complies with the latest Land Transport Authority (LTA) requirement where all e-scooters used on the public paths must be certified to UL2272 safety standard on 1 Jan 2021. Unlike non-UL2272 certified escooters which are allowed to be used until 31 December 2020, the L1-1 can be used beyond 1 Jan 2021.

The MOBOT L1-1, an LTA compliant e-scooter, belongs to the mid-range e-scooter category. This category of e-scooters is designed for commuting and recreational use. It weighs between 10 to 15kg and can travel 15 to 25km on a full charge. It is easy to fold and can carry onboard public transport.


Aesthetically pleasing with clean edges and large display, the L1-1 does not have any exposed and dangling wires. But the unique design feature is actually the front lights. Moving away from conventional mini circular design, the L1-1 has an elongated oval design which is more commonly found on motorcycles. Coupled with deck lights, the U3 is certainly a class above the rest in the mid-range e-scooter category.



The MOBOT L1-1 boasts a 250W DC brushless motor with Dacromet® technology for superior corrosion resistance. This enhances its durability in a tropical climate like Singapore. Coupled with a 7.5AH li-ion battery that passed the strict requirements of UL2272, the L1-1 can travel up to 25km on a full charge.



The MOBOT L1-1 has a slightly longer stem and base to suit different riders. Coupled with 8.5” air tyres, it can handle uneven grounds with ease. All these make every ride on L1-1 a stable and enjoyable experience.


In terms of safety, the L1-1 is equipped with front, rear and deck lights. This provides visibility in all directions at night. The light’s colour and intensity can also be adjusted via the L1-1 app. Unlike other similar e-scooters, the L1-1 uses rear mechanical disc brakes for more responsive control.



The MOBOT L1-1 folds up easily for transportation. Therefore you can bring it onboard public transport or store it in the car boot easily.


In conclusion, the MOBOT L1-1 is probably the top choice when you are looking for a UL2272 certified escooter for commutting and recreational use.

For more information on MOBOT L1-1, click here.

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