Press release: MOBOT launches new special model to recognise SMEs who evolve and adapt in this difficult covid-19 situation


5 January 2021 – Singapore brand MOBOT unveiled a special model to recognise Singapore SMEs who evolve and adapt when faced with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19.

The CAMP CHAMELEON is also an evolved version of MOBOT flagship highly popular CAMP folding bike, CAMP GOLD. Chameleons are a species of very highly evolved lizards that are capable of adapting, blending and camouflaging themselves into their immediate surroundings by changing the colour of their skin, they do this by controlling the pigments in their skin which then varies their skin colouration and patterns.

SMEs bosses need to take the lead, rethink their model and rebuild themselves. It all begins from the top. From there, they will have to lead their team to overcome surmounting challenges and the roadblocks.

MOBOT believes with the right mindset, the right people and tapping on government support, not only can SMEs survive, SMEs can grow faster and stronger than before.

Samples are now available at selected outlets, with stock arriving before 26 Feb 2021.


MOBOT pride ourselves as the leader in the personal mobility devices (PMD) industry. We are the largest retailer and distributor of bicycles, LTA compliant e-Scooters, LTA approved e-Bikes, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs in Singapore.