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A Dummy Guide to Active Mobility Bill

The Active Mobility Bill was read the second time in Parliament on 10th Jan, 2017. And the government of Singapore had accepted in full the recommendation on cycling and the usage of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD).


Coming from the back of many negative report of irresponsible riding from irresponsible PMD users, the Active Mobility Bill is a welcome bill for Singapore PMD scene. Firstly, it shows that the government of Singapore believe the importance of PMD to Singapore car-lite strategy – covering the first and last mile of travel. Secondly, it also gives the assurance of regulation to the public. Irresponsible PMD riders can no longer just get away from riding irresponsibly, they will now be held accountable for their action(s).


For PMD users, this means that the Active Mobility Bill is here to stay. As a PMD user or a potential future user, more than ever, it is important to familiarise ourselves on the key aspect of the bill. For example, PMD like electric bikes will be limited to the road and cycling path and electric scooters limited to footpath and cycling path.


You will need to understand the speed limit for different footpath. No more zooming around as you please. From the bill, PMD users will be subjected to speed check, failure to comply to the speed limit may net you a fine, jail, or both. Not only that, riding non-complaint PMD is a no-no too. As mentioned, you could get a fine, jail, or both.


It is not just the PMD users that are subjected to scrutiny from the Active Mobility Bill. The sellers of these devices are also exposed to the ruling of the bill. In the case that a seller is found knowingly selling a non-compliant device, they could be fine, jail, or both. The fine range from $1000 to an upwards of $1000. In hindsight, strict rules and regulations are put in place for the sellers too.


As our ongoing safety education effort, we had create an infographic that aims help PMDs user shed some light on the Active Mobility Bill and how best to engage it.

Remember to share this with your friends and ride safe, always!

AMB 1 - A Dummy Guide to Active Mobility Bill

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