E-Bikers, beware of age rules

WhatsApp Image 2017 02 04 at 4.21.09 PM 186x300 - E-Bikers, beware of age rulesWhile the number of personal mobility device (PMD) riders here is rapidly growing, they are still a relatively new phenomenon.


Singaporeans may still be unsure about the rules pertaining to them and their pillions.


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday featured on its Facebook and Twitter pages an incident on Jan 11, where a woman was caught at Edgefield Plains for riding her e-scooter on the road. Her child was a pillion.


The e-scooter was impounded – not because pillions are not allowed on PMDs, but because such scooters are not allowed on the roads.


Only PMDs that come with pillion seats can carry pillions.


For e-bikes, both the rider and pillion must be aged 16 and above. There are no age limits for e-scooters riders or their pillions.


When asked by The New Paper, PMD users said they are aware of the rules.


Mr Muhammad Haniffa, 60, used to send his daughter to her secondary school and fetch her home on his e-bike.


As he was aware of the age limit, he took her on his e-bike only when she turned 16.


The Riding for the Disabled Association worker learnt about the rule when he purchased his e-bike.


Mobot, a PMD company, told TNP the e-bike age limit is one of the first things they inform their potential buyers of.


Mr Kenneth Sum, 19, who is not a PMD rider, did not know about the age limit for e-bike riders and pillion.


The Nanyang Polytechnic student felt that more could be done to inform the public,

Mr Sum said: “It is a type of transportation. Most people know about the age limit for motorcycles and cars, so why not e-bikes?”


The LTA has been working with schools, community centres and PMD retailers, among others, to help educate the public about these rules.