Electric Scooter trade-in

Planning to get a new electric scooter?

Leave your old electric scooter with us and ride off with a new electric scooter in a complete hassle free experience.

The Guaranteed Trade-In Program(GTP) value is available for a total period of 2 years from the PMD/PMA (Personal Mobility Device/ Personal Mobility Aid) original warranty start date.

“Trade-In value” is what you can expect to receive from MOBOT for a trade-in PMD/PMA with standard manufacturer’s equipment and a good condition rating.

PMD/PMA must be in safe and good operating condition.

Guaranteed Trade-In Program is only applicable for any electric scooter puchased from MOBOT.

Trade-in can only be done at our Main Showroom, Collection Center and Service Center or online purchase at https://mobot.sg (old electric scooter to be collected upon delivery).

If your PMD/PMA does not qualify for GTP, MOBOT will calculate a value based on your PMD/PMA’s actual condition.
Please visit MOBOT service centre for a complete evaluation, diagnostic and valuation if this is the case.

Yes, I already own a Mobot Electric Scooter and I would like to find out more regarding trade-in value.

Use the calculator below for an instant quote!

Meeting any one of the following criteria will result in a deduction in the final trade-in value:

  • PMD/PMA with motor, or other mechanical, safety, or electrical parts that do not operate.
  • PMD/PMA with any condition that would require disclosure at time of auction sale and/or on certificate of title,
    including but not limited to, frame damage, flood damage, or salvage vehicle.
  • PMD/PMA that have been modified in such a way as to have either voided the original MOBOT Warranty or to have
    taken the PMD/PMA out of compliance with any applicable state or safety requirements.
  • PMD/PMA that have been abused or neglected resulting in premature wear or damage or PMD/PMA where it is evident
    that the recommended maintenance has not been performed as determined by MOBOT service centre.
  • PMD/PMA with environmental or applied chemical damage to the finish such as hail, acid rain, etc.
  • PMD/PMA with previously repaired collision damage which required panel or part(s) replacement.
  • Mobot Pte LtdĀ reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.