Where to get e-scooter Identification Mark sticker printed

e-scooter with registration mark and identification mark
e-scooter sample

Now you have registered your e-scooter with LTA and been given a 5-digit unique registration number. (If you apply at SingPost Office, the Registration Mark label will be issued to you on the spot; if apply online, it will be mailed to your registered address.) The next step is to print an Identification Mark sticker yourself bearing the unique registration number. This article is about where to get your Identification Mark sticker printed, and how to paste both stickers onto your e-scooter. This article does not cover Identification mark label made of Acrylic material.
Before going down to a printer shop, you need to examine a few things beforehand.
1. Where to paste your Identification sticker label
Ideally both Registration Mark and Identification Mark stickers shall be pasted onto the e-scooter stem. But certain e-scooter models either have a basket hanging over in front or the stem is not suitable for long sticker label. In such case, you need to consider somewhere else to put the sticker labels.
The e-scooter shown below is not suitable for pasting onto the stem because the front basket will block the visibility of the sticker labels.

e-scooter identification mark label got basket blocking

2. Rough surface or gloss surface?
If your escooter stem is of gloss surface, you can just print the Identification Mark onto a stripe of sticker then paste on the stem yourself; however if the stem is of rough surface, the sticker may peel off easily. In such case, you need to ask the printer to design the sticker in such a way that you can wrap the sticker over onto the stem with over-lapping. The width of the sticker should be the perimeter of the scooter stem plus 1 to 2 CM allowance for overlap. See below sample sticker as an easy reference.

wider stick label sample for rough surface

Below is a list of some sign craft shops in Singapore where you can print the identification mark.
Do REMEMBER to show the printer LTA requirements on the specifications for Identification Mark.

1. Chuan Heng Signcrafts
Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive #01-361 S(575707)
2. Chuan Heng Signcrafts
Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive #01-361 S(575707)
3. Juzz Wheelzz
Blk 1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-07 S(159721)
4. Kwang Wah Signcrafts
Blk 33 Sin Ming Drive, #01-369, S(575707)

5. GenConcept Pte Ltd
3014 Ubi Road 1 #01-296 S(408702)
6. Soh Guan Chuan Auto Supply
Blk 3005 Ubi Avenue 3 #01-50 S(408861)
7. Not Just helmet
Blk 3027 Ubi Road 1, #01-104 S(408720)
8. Rainforest Gift Services
Blk 1085 Eunos Avenue 7A #03-18 S(409535)
9. New Signcrafts Co.
BLK 1002, Eunos Avenue 8, #01-46, S(409497)
10. MRS Sign Pte Ltd (Kaki Bt)
81 Kaki Bt Ave 1 Shun Li Industrial Park S(417953)
11. Gomotex Signcraft Studio’99
Blk 3013 Bedok Ind Park E, #01-2130 S(489979)
12. ACE 1 Auto Accessories
5 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #03-05 Eunos Technolink S(415936)
13. Smart Plate Pte Ltd
1 Mactaggart Road, S(368089)
14. D’SignCraft Hub
BLK9010 Tampines ST 93, #04-117, S(528844)

15. Version Arts
Blk 1019 Yishun Industrial Park A #01-378 S(768761)

16. Yi Kwang Signcrafts
No 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-143 Enterprise Hub S(608586)

Cost of making: 8$ – 15$