MOBOT organises Singapore’s First Safe Rider Challenge

The first of its kind Safe Rider Challenge for electric scooters was hosted by MOBOT. It was held at the Suntec Convention hall last Sunday (6th Nov 2016) with an amazing turn out of participants.  The safe rider challenge places participants’ road safety knowledge and electric scooter technical control to the test.

Mobot- Safe-Rider-Electric-Scooter-Challenge-pic-13

Participants Lining Up To Register For The Challenge



Taking The LTA ‘Safe Rider Pledge’


At the start of the challenge, participants had to go through a safety briefing followed by taking the LTA’s ‘Safe Rider Pledge’ before they proceed with the time-trial challenge.


e-scooter-challenge-2016- MBSR2016-56

The Safety Briefing Zone



Participants taking the safe rider quiz


Tips that were displayed within the courses were then tested at the final station (Safe Rider station). At the end of the station, participants had to answer a series of safe riding quiz. Getting the wrong answer for the quiz questions would result in a penalty, adding time to their total.



The challenge card ready for distribution



Registration in progress


A total of 35 riders participated in the event and everyone was a winner. All participants were able to take home $200 worth of Mobot vouchers as well as LTA’s safety riding kits.  The grand prize of the contest was won by Mr. Clinton Tan, coming in at a time of 1 minutes 20 second.



Getting ready for the prize presentation



1st place winner, Mr. Clinton Tan (left). Owner of Mobot, Mr. Ifrey Lai (middle). 2nd place winner, Me Chen (right).


Winner of the challenge, Mr. Clinton Tan in an interview with The New Paper, said that he was an electric scooter owner before he was told to sell off his electric scooter, due to his mother’s worries from the recent accidents.

Just recently, a video showing an electric scooter overtaking a bus went viral on the internet and had since brought about safety concerns on riding an electric scooter. The public is worried that electric scooter may pose a risk to a pedestrian.



Mr. Ifrey Lai, Owner of Mobot


On the Mobot SafeRider Challenge, Mr. Ifrey Lai, 46, owner of Mobot said: “The purpose of this challenge is to educate e-scooter riders about safety regulation and also to kick-start a movement for safer electric scooter riding.”



A participant getting ready for his challenge.


On one of the key takeaways from the Safe Rider Challenge, Mr. Jackson Chan, a participant in the challenge, said in an interview with The New Paper: “roads have pedestrian, cars, motorcycles, and e-scooters. We should all learn to respect one another on the road, so that’s why I think this event was great.”



Mobot Safe Rider Challenge 2016 was hosted at:


Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre – Hall 403-404
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City,
Singapore 039593


6th November 2016, 5 pm to 7 pm
For more information about the event please visit our event page.

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