The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

Over the years, Singapore has been expanding the park connector network (PCN). Cyclists can now travel long distances across Singapore in a safe and conducive manner. But with long-distance riding comes hunger and thirst.

In this new blog series, we’ll be exploring the best food and PCNs across Singapore. Click on the link to check out our ultimate guide for cyclists for Ubi, Bukit Batok, City Hall and Clementi.

But first, Woodlands.

Woodlands 1 - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

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Some people associate Woodlands with being “ulu” or treat it as a point of entry to Malaysia. But there’s so much beauty and great food in the area.

Being far from the bustling city also gives cyclists some peaceful time to enjoy nature as it is. 

Cycling Paths

Surround yourself with the magnificent sight of the sea in Woodlands Waterfront Park. The terrains of the park are well suited for cyclists.

Woodlands 2 - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

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Be prepared to marvel at the sight of beautiful faunas and flora too. Keep a lookout for animals like the well-belled sea eagles and egrets, long-tailed macaques and butterflies. There are also flowers like the stunning Sea Hibiscus and the majestic Tembusu trees.

Woodlands 3 scaled - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

Source: National Parks

Fun fact! The longest jetty in Singapore is actually in this park. Even though we can’t visit Malaysia yet, this 400m-long jetty brings you just slightly closer.

We recommend going to this park during sunrise and sunset. The location would give you an unblocked sight of the sunrise/set and let you admire the sky in all its glory. 

Woodlands 4 - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

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Do take some awesome pictures of your bike in this beautiful place and show us in the comments section!

Food Near The Area

Some people are famished after a good ride. We’ve got you covered too.

An awesome meal makes the ride even more satisfying. 

Woodlands has lots of options for cyclists to choose from. Go from beautiful scenery to a beautiful cafe with Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop. Most of us are probably familiar with Tenderbest. Well, Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop is an elevated version of it.

Woodlands 5 - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

Source: Eatbook

Good news to all our Muslim cyclists, Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop is also halal certified! Here, you’ll find your classic fried chicken that is both juicy and crispy.

This eatery is an irresistible place to cool down and enjoy a hearty meal after your ride. 

If you prefer someplace with more options and cuisines, there’s also the food court at Woodlands 11. 

The best part of food courts in Singapore is that you can find a massive range of cuisines here. Why argue about where to eat when you’ve got everything in food courts and will make everyone happy!

Woodlands 6 - The ultimate Woodlands guide for cyclists

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In Woodlands 11’s food court, you’ll find your classic zi char, prata, fishball noodle and chicken chop. There’s so much more that we can’t list them all!

Even though there is no aircon here, there is a massive ceiling fan that will provide some strong and cooling wind.

A filling meal might cause a food coma but don’t be in a rush to go home! Take a walk to aid digestion. Mobot (North) is located in the same building, just at #07-21. Take a walk around a showroom and check out our awesome bicycles and accessories. 

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