The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Over the years, Singapore has been expanding the park connector network (PCN). Cyclists can now travel long distances across Singapore in a safe and conducive manner. But with long-distance riding comes hunger and thirst.

In this new blog series, we’ll be exploring the best food and PCNs across Singapore. Click on the link to check out our ultimate guide for cyclists for Ubi, Woodlands, City Hall and Clementi.

But first, Bukit Batok.

BB 1 - The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Source: National Parks

Bukit Batok might seem like an unassuming corner of Singapore but the estate has its fair share of gems. 

Cycling Paths
One of the most popular cycling routes in Bukit Batok centres around Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bukit Batok Town Park.

BB 2 - The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Source: National Parks

One of the routes that cyclists can take is the Western Adventure Loop. The recommended route suggested by National Parks is approximately 12km. This loop takes you through multiple parks through the West such as Jurong Lake Gardens, Dairy Farm Nature Park and of course Bukit Batok Nature Park.

According to the map, here are the PCNS that you can take to get to Bukit Batok Nature Park

– Bukit Timah PC

– Hillview PC

– Bukit Batok East PC

– Ulu Pandan PC (We also featured Ulu Pandan PC in our ultimate guide to Clementi article!)

Bukit Batok Nature Park has an extremely serene and peaceful atmosphere. The park also features a beautiful quarry that is sure to make one marvel at the mere sight of it. 

The park connector brings you to the outskirts of the park. The terrains within the park itself might not be the most suitable for cycling but you could still fold your bicycle and push it. 

Even if you choose not to explore the park, you can continue on your cycling journey with the numerous PCNs around the area. 

But if you’re done with cycling, we’ve compiled a list of places for you to reward yourself with a hearty meal or some ice-cold coffee.

Food Near The Area
One of the hidden gems in Bukit Batok is actually an industrial building called Wcega Plaza!

BB 3 - The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Source: Commercial Guru

Wcega Plaza is known for its cheap and great car wash. But this location has so much more to offer. Besides being home to Mobot’s West outlet, it also houses many delicious meals. 

But first, let’s grab a drink.

There is a particular store that gained attention because of its interesting name. This store is called Sugar Daddy.

BB 4 - The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Source: Sugar Daddy Facebook

They offer sugar cane drinks. But they also have the option of mixing it with classic ingredients like lemon and plum, and also other exotic fruits like lychee and mango. You even have the option of adding toppings like boba, aloe vera and even chia seeds. 

Once you have quenched your thirst, there is a variety of food that hungry cyclists can choose from. 

One option is Boon Mookata & Lok Lok. With this store, you kill two birds with one stone. Get both mookata and lok lok! 

They boast of a secret marination recipe and special dipping sauce especially created by their chef.

BB 5 - The ultimate Bukit Batok guide for cyclists

Source: Boon Mookata & Lok Lok Facebook

If you’re extra hungry, they also offer a buffet option at a very affordable price!

Do take note that they are only open 5pm to 10pm so it’s best for evening or night cyclists. 

If your tastebuds are craving some western food instead, there is Grill & Bar which is located on the same floor as Boon Mookata & Lok Lok. 

You’ll find your classic old-school western meals like Fish & Chips and Chicken Cutlet.

Since you are already in Wcega Plaza,  you can also check out Mobot’s showroom that is conveniently located on the 3rd floor at #03-16. We’ve got aircon and great deals for your bicycles!

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