The birth of the World’s First Auspicious Dragon Bike

Vincent Ng (翁清海), founder of Wufang Singapore and a World Wushu Champion, came to Mobot and collected his foldable bicycle. He shared his mission and journey of setting up his Wufang Martial Arts school in Singapore, which has inspired more than 10,000 students, both young and old, to practice Wushu to date.

Vincent shared that he wants to promote the spirits, ideology and culture of wushu to the masses. Our founder, Mr Ifrey Lai, was instantly inspired by his sharing. An imagery sparkled in his mind. He closed his eyes and saw a vague dragon silhouette flashing past and then vanish instantly. Following that, he sat down with Vincent and discussed the possibility of designing a bike that represents the spirit of Wushu.

Both of them agree that the dragon is the ideal mystical creature to promote the spirit of Wushu.

Dragon symbolized strength, power and courage in martial arts. It is also an auspicious creature that brings good luck, wealth, positive aura and energy that deters bad spirits. Hence, the Dragon bikes are designed in 5 different colours representing different values of Wushu.

Mobot became the first bicycle retailer in Singapore to inscribe traditional Chinese and Wushu elements onto a foldable bicycle. Mr Ifrey lai and Vincent Ng are proud to carry the inspiration from a culture that has over 5000 years of history.

The ROYALE Dragon series is available in 5 different colours – Respect (RED), Glory (GREEN), Balance (BLUE), Bold (BLACK) and Soul (SILVER).

Designed for seamless transfer between the various modes of transport, this bike is an ideal choice for urban commuters. The bike folds into a box-like dimension which makes this bicycle easy to carry and store. In addition, the ROYALE Dragon comes with trolley wheels which allows this foldable bicycle to be easily pushed around. Finally, the bike can be folded easily – under 15 seconds. Furthermore, the bike is securely folded without the use of straps or magnets.

Only 300 units produced worldwide. Visit our website to learn more about this limited edition ROYALE Dragon foldable bicycle:


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