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Knight PRO Seated E-Scooter

SGD $2,299 SGD $1,599

Knight III Seated E-Scooter

SGD $1,899

Altimex Electric Scooter

SGD $1,099SGD $1,399

Xtreme 4 Seated E-Scooter

Nimbast Electric Scooter

SGD $1,099SGD $1,199

Starlite Pro Lightest Carbon Fiber E-Scooter

Rear Hard Saddle Pouch

SGD $39

Power Cube

SGD $34

Handle Grip Sponge

SGD $8

Good Quality Mirror

SGD $34

Foldable Post Support for Chaser

SGD $43

Foldable Air Pressure Seat Post

SGD $32

Metal Big Basket

SGD $25

Knight Metal Rear Basket

SGD $35

Rear Hard Saddle pouch with Bracket

SGD $39

Kiddy Bar

SGD $25

Aluminium Water Bottle

SGD $15

Bicycle Reflector 1 Side

SGD $19

Electric Scooter Mirror Set (Both Sides)

SGD $35

Electric Scooter Mirror (Right Side)

SGD $19

Electric Scooter Mirror (Left Side)

SGD $19

Water Resistant Handphone Holder

SGD $39

Freedom Chaser Scooter Seat

SGD $25

Mobot Flat Seat

SGD $25