Should you consider buying an electric bicycle (ebike) for leisure?

Should you consider buying an electric bicycle for leisure - OVO

I have been an active rider for the last 20 years and is comfortable riding on the roads.

My wife joins me for short rides around the neighbourhood. At times, we will select a cycling route that covers our favourite food stalls. Ever since the COVID-19 situation, like many other Singaporeans, she became an active rider. She started joining me for longer cycling trips (around 40-50 km) but she finds it too tough. Besides, her legs hurt badly after the long rides. I suggested to her a couple of times to take it easy and just join me for the short rides. But she thought differently. She felt the long cycling trip was a good way for us to bond and spend quality time together.

One of our friends then suggested getting an electric bicycle. We went to MOBOT to test ride their LTA approved ebikes. And it made a difference with the power assist. When I chose the highest assist mode, I would say 95% of the cycling was done by the electric motor. My legs were just going through the motion. At the lowest assist mode, it was a good balance between leg power and motor.

We did not purchase on our first visit to MOBOT as we still needed to consider. And finally, on our second visit to MOBOT, we tested both their OVO (20”) and NAKXUS NF1 (16”) again. This time the friendly staff, Robin, at MOBOT Wcega Plaza (Bukit Batok) suggested we try to ride upslope. And what happens after that was a swipe of our credit card for the purchase of the new OVO.

Ebikes are good for uphill. Pedalling uphill is tiring for most riders, especially an old uncle and aunty like ourselves. We are now able to ride longer with an ebike. Whenever my wife gets tired, she can increase the assist level and carry on. At the same time, we can get to exercise just like our bicycles, but more enjoyable. I foresee we may cycle more and further because we are enjoying every moment of it. 

For now, it will just the OVO ebike for my wife as I am eagerly waiting for the soon to arrive ORCA fat tyre LTA approved ebike.

(Review courtesy of Mr Tan Chuan Poh, customer of MOBOT)

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