Safety Measures

 safety1 300x300 - Safety Measures Having Regular Checks
Just like a human body, an electronic scooter also needs to have its weekly dose of maintenance. Do a regular check like visual inspection and the wear on the belt or on the chain base on a weekly basis.
You should also check for cracks in the welds and ensure that the brakes are working properly. Lastly, check for looseness in any of the electronic scooter’s screws
Wear Helmet Upon Riding
Users are required to wear a helmet in most scenarios and gloves should the user be
speeding past the 15km/h mark. Users are also advised not to ride near traffic junctions.
Roads are a no-go when using your E-Scooters. To allow cars to have a better vision
control of you, you can add extra reflective tape and flashing lights to the scooter. Bright
colours are also reccomended to be attached to the scooter when the sun is down.
 safety2 187x300 - Safety Measures
 safety3 300x177 - Safety Measures Avoid Risky Riding Behaviours
As risky riding behaviour will increase the chances of getting into accident, users should
avoid doing tricks or riding on to dangerous terrain which will put yourself in risk of being
injured. Sustained Fatal Injuries can also happen if the user is not careful. Acts such as the
riding of scooter on roads and highways are prime examples. If you are a parent, be sure
that your child is abiding to all traffic regulations as well and nonetheless set a role model
to your child.
Appropriate Clothing
Wearing appropriate clothing provide the rider with a form of safety. Rashes and scraping
injuries can be minimized through wearing of long sleeved clothing and pants. Ideally,
thicker and durable clothing will make your riding journey much more pleasant and
assuring. Wearing gloves, wrist pads, knee pads, elbow pads and shoes are some of the
additional measures which also greatly help in reducing injuries from escalating too badly
when speeding on an e-scooter.
 safety4 300x181 - Safety Measures