A recap of Mobot’s Electric Scooters at SITEX 2015

MOBOT interview by CNA - SITEX, Nov 2015

Missed out on our previous roadshow? No worries, here is a recap at the last SITEX. We have a lot of personal mobility devices on promotion and here are all our best-sellers. We look forward to seeing you from 24th to 27th November 2016. Find out more in the video, or read the transcript below.



Reporter: Ok, hi guys, so now we’re at mobot. There are 2 wheels, 3 wheels, bicycles, scooters out here. Over here, we have Allen. So Allen is going to introduce to us the best-selling products over here at SITEX today. Allen, what do you arrive in?

Allen: This is called the Mobot Flexi. It’s portable for people who need to travel around, and need a portable wheelchair. These are available for them.

Reporter: Ok, but it looks a bit small though, or you can adjust the height?

Allen: You can adjust it taller or higher, or you just adjust to make it smaller also.

Reporter: So how much is this going for?

Allen: It is selling at $1599. It’s the promotional price now. The original price is $1899.

Reporter: Do you have any other products to show us today?

Allen: This is called Mobot Sports. It allows you to have a 10kg lightweight portable scooter. For our customers who are young, old, man or woman who like to travel a distance but don’t want to waste time, just get the Mobot Sports will do. You can keep, you can travel around, you can go to MRT, buses, no problem. It is small, portable, lightweight and you can keep it all the way and bring it back to your house. It is good at design.

Reporter: So it comes with a… is this called a speedometer?

Allen: Yes this is a speedometer. It is a LCD monitor, to dedicate your battery life, distance travelled and everything.

Reporter: This actually runs on battery life, so you charge it?

Allen: Yeah you charge it and it can lasts you up to 25km to 30km. After you are finished, you can charge for 3 to 4 hours and it’s fully charged.

Reporter: So how fast does this go?

Allen: It can go for about 20km/h to 25km/h depending on the terrains, the height and the weight.

Reporter: Ok, cool, so what about here?

Allen: For this, it is called the E-Bike which the LTA approves. It is called the Mobot Gravity. What’s special about this is it uses a mid-drive motor. For original motors, they have a built-in front or back wheel motor. It is called Brushless DC motor. For this, it is mid-drive motor. It is built-in for you to travel by pedalling, hence it will give you more power. That means you will use less battery but it will give you more power. It is using a 10AH battery which can last you for 60km to 100km.

Reporter: Ok, that is very very convenient. So how much is this going for?

Allen: This is going for a promotional price of $2499. It is value for money.

Reporter: So, the last one here, what do we have?

Allen: For the last one, it is Mobot Basic. It is for aunties and uncles who want to try scooters. They can get a so-called easy scooter which can sit around and travel. It is using a chain gear motor. It is very easy to manoeuvre, user-friendly and value for money.

Reporter: How well has been the response been for you today?

Allen: I think it’s quite good. A lot of customers are willing to try out our scooters. They feel that nowadays public transport keep breaking down. They need to travel short distance so they can get a scooter to travel without taking bus. It saves cost, environment-friendly and saves time also.

Reporter: Do you guys sell only online or do you have a physical store where people can try?

Allen: We have a showroom at Oxley Bizhub 2 near Tai Seng MRT. You can approach Giant @ IMM, Unity, Watsons.

Reporter: Thank you so much. Really, really cool. Bye Bye. There you go, 2-3 wheels, really great for public transports. You come by today, you get really good deal.