Advantage of electric scooters

 1 300x300 - Advantage of electric scooters Electronic Scooters Are Eco-Friendly!


Love the planet? Share some of the love by starting e-scooting! Being entirely dependant
on electrical power, electronic scooters leavesno carbon footprint and is eco-friendly. They
do not leave traces of pollution as they do not run on natural fuels unlike transportations
such as cars and buses. Also being independant from petrol, e-scooters are also cheaper to

Effective Alternate Mode of Transportation
Since electric scooter runs on electric power, there is no dependency on fuel nor usage of
petrol. Charging the electronic scooter can also be a simple task as it can be done
anywhere such as in the office or at home, unlike cars which have to replenish their energy
by visiting the petrol stations.
During peak public transport timings, the electronic scooter can serve as an alternative ride
back home or to your destination. It helps to reduce the duration taken to board the public
transport as well as waiting for one!
Compact Design,
 2 300x225 - Advantage of electric scooters
 3 300x199 - Advantage of electric scooters Less Stringent License Requirements
Because of their limiting speed, riding an electric scooter does not require any license and
it makes it convenient and safe for children’s usage. Children and Teenagers will be able to
cruise around on it without problems and issues on age limit unlike vehicles.
However, wearing safety add-ons like electric scooter helmets are always recommended
regardless of the requirements.
Compact Design, Easy Parking and Awesome Portability
With the simplicity of having just battery motor and a bit of wiring, it makes this device
compact and really lightweight. Hence, it is allowed to be carried on board of public
transport. Also with a few simple folding steps, the electronic scooter can be further folded
into an even compact size! Being light weight and compact, it is possible to place it in the
boot of the car for outdoor excursions or travelling!
 4 300x300 - Advantage of electric scooters
 5 300x300 - Advantage of electric scooters Large Variant to choose from!
From nearly over hundreds of models to choose from, a simple visit to our Mobot
headoffice at Oxley BizHub 2 is all it takes for you to discover what is best for you. From
portability to speed, we have all scooters fit for all kinds of audiences. All it awaits is your
visit to our office or a simple search online at the comfort of your homes!