Intern Tim Talking About His Experience At Mobot

Hello everyone! My name is Tim! You may have seen me in our TikTok videos giving bicycle tips or acting in our skits and advertisements. Allow me to share with you my experience at MOBOT!

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Looking back on my four-month internship at MOBOT, I realize that I learned so much more than I expected. From picking up practical and inter-relational skills to trying to pack $200 worth of durians into a tricycle, my time at MOBOT taught me much about the working world and grew me personally.

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Being a marketing intern at MOBOT, I was tasked to produce content for the different products, host TikTok/Facebook live streams, and manage the company’s social media accounts. While making content, I had the freedom and flexibility to explore new creative production ideas and methods. I also worked in company sales and with the MOBOT volunteer community.

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Before joining the company, I was interested in content creation and being an online influencer. Working at MOBOT has allowed me to continue pursuing this passion while furthering my skills and understanding. When I started working at the company, our brand manager Bobby took me under his wing and shared much of his knowledge and experience in the social media world. Through TikTok live streams and professional video productions, I had many opportunities to practice new skills with a large audience while receiving honest opinions and feedback. I can confidently say that MOBOT has undoubtedly expanded my understanding of content creation on marginal differences. Thank you so much for that on top of everything else Bobby!

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Another unique opportunity I had at MOBOT was working in retail sales. It was a privilege to be entrusted with the opening and management of one of the store outlets as an intern. I had little to no prior experience in sales before this. However, with the guidance from encouraging and understanding superiors, I learned many interpersonal and multitasking skills that I still see myself applying today.

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Lastly, I could not have asked for a better marketing team with such helpful and initiative co-workers throughout my time at MOBOT. The friends that I have made during these four months have been a highlight of my internship. From the first day I entered the company, I felt warmly included by my fellow interns and employees. Not only do we have fun and make laughter-filled memories, but we also get the job done excellently and efficiently. There is a welcoming and positive culture amongst the marketing interns and throughout the company since we all work closely and complement each other.

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All in all, I have genuinely enjoyed my time at MOBOT. Being the first internship I have undergone, I am thankful to have had such a positive experience as a part of this company. If anyone is looking for a company where you can achieve relevant and professional experience in a wholesome and safe environment, MOBOT is the place for you. To my friends and colleagues at MOBOT, thank you for the past four months, and I hope to see you all again soon!