Intern Jalyn talking about her experience at Mobot

Hii, you may have seen me on the Mobot livestream before. Jalyn here! Scroll down to find out more about me and my internship joruney 🙂

Introduction of my internship:
I am 20 this year and am currently studying Accounting while interning as a Digital Content Creator at Mobot.

How I started:
During my internship at Mobot, I began as a customer service assistant. Yet, because of my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about marketing, I was offered a position in the Marketing Department. Yayy!

Job Roles:
As a part of the Marketing department, I am primarily responsible for the posting and scheduling of social media content. Even though I began with little understanding, I was able to gain experience and skills along the process, thanks to the guidance of my coworkers, Charmaine and Diyanah.

Project 1: MWHEEL XT Tutorial Video
During the launch of the motorised wheelchair, I had to present the device which was a completely new experience for me as I’m not used to being in front of the camera.

Project 2: TikTok and Facebook Livestream
When livestream became widely used on a global scale. One of the first few to begin live in Singapore was Mobot. I was offered the chance to explore livestreaming as a result. I even got a few fans with an average of 1-200 viewers! I have also used the TikTok Seller Centre through livestreaming.

Project 3: Mobot Community Ride
On our monthly community ride, I make a lot of connections and come up with many interesting ideas for all of the riders to execute in our TikTok videos.

Event 1: mCARnival – Singapore’s Largest Car Festival
I was in charge of social media posts during the event, as well as capturing the entertaining parts of Bobby’s livestream, which I later edited into bloopers. It was a FUN experience!!

Event 2: IT Tech Show 2022
At the event, we were flooded with customers, and I even managed to close some deals with the support of my intern partner, Justin. We also live streamed and sold even more bikes. Other fans also came down to check out our booth. In addition, some of the TikTok videos we created went viral.

Overall Internship Experience:
Overall, my internship has been an eye-opening and insightful experience. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the actual responsibilities of a full-time employee, where my actions directly impact the growth and operational goals of the company. I was allowed to absorb, and grow as an individual in the workforce. MOBOT allowed me to explore the Sales & Marketing sector by having a better understanding of their day-to-day operations and identify contributing factors that lead to a prosperous business.
I get to produce social media content using Adobe Photoshop and AI then schedule it across the various platforms as a Digital Content Creator at Mobot. As well as create/edit interesting video content based on the current trends. I am able to express myself more when speaking or interacting with clients thanks to this internship. Ps: I extended another month before poly start 😉