What are the mistakes someone new to cycling makes? | I want a fast bike

I want a fast bike

A BMW 6 series in Glacier Silver metallic drove into our parking lot. A man, probably in his forties, wearing a Frey Perry polo t-shirt and bermudas alighted and walked into our new MOBOT outlet at WCEGA Plaza and said: “I want a fast foldable bike. Which one do you recommend?”

Our experienced staff approached the man with a wide smiley face and replied: “How fast do you preferred?” “I want a foldable bike that can ride easily but yet travel at fast speeds,” replied the man.

CAMP CHAMELEON foldable bicycle 2 - What are the mistakes someone new to cycling makes? | I want a fast bike

Our staff introduced the new CAMP CHAMELEON to the man. “This is our latest model from the CAMP GOLD series. The CAMP CHAMELEON foldable bicycle is a full aluminum bike, 10 speeds, hydraulic disc brakes and uses 37–451 tyres.”

CAMP CHAMELEON foldable bicycle 1 - What are the mistakes someone new to cycling makes? | I want a fast bike

The man looked impressed as the gold frame glittered under the spotlight. “You can make it even faster by further reducing the weight. You can upgrade the seat post and handlebar to carbon fibre and all the screws and nuts to titanium. Top it off with a carbon fibre bottle cage and the CAMP CHAMELEON will weigh at least 200 grams lighter,” our staff confidently suggested to the man.

The man was convinced. As his right hand reached into his pocket to take out his wallet, our staff suddenly said: “But you can make it even much faster by joining the fitness gym at Level 5. They have a comprehensive workout program to get you into shape. I believe their program can shave at least 5000 grams off your weight. Just let them know you just came from MOBOT and they will give you a 20% discount.”

In a nutshell

There is no such thing as a fast bike. Attempting to buy “speed” is a misconception. Surely, a lighter and more aerodynamic bike will have less drag and cuts through the wind better. But the realistic truth is the rider’s leg power and cardio condition are the dominating factors. There are other factors such as making sure the bike is fitted to you, set up properly and you have the right riding method. Finally, the easiest way to reduce weight is to remove all the unnecessary accessories and leave all your belongings at home. These stuffs add weight. All you need is you, your bike, smartphone and some cash to cycle.

P.S. If you really want to ride fast and easy, MOBOT has a wide range of ebike (electric bicycle). These bicycles are equipped with an electric motor and li-ion battery. Pedalling on an ebike is EFFORTLESS.