E-scooter information

scoo1 300x300 - E-scooter information What is an Electric Scooter


Electric scooter runs on electric power and it is a vehicle that is portable enough to
bring onto public transport should you have a long commute, and are eco-friendly too. It
consists of a motor and a battery that links together and can be charged just simply
plugging to an electrical power outlet. With this motor, it generates motion power to push
the scooter forward. In order to control the brake and the speed, rider can use the
switches provided on the handle of the vehicle.

What is the lightest E-Scooter


The lightest electric scooter is the MOBOT Starlite which weighs 6.3kg, it is the handiest
and portable electric scooter you can buy. It is made from carbon fibre for better
strength and weight. It has a top speed of 25km/h with a max distance of 25km. In case
all else fails, you can use the Starlite just like a normal kick scooter with less effort
since it’s light.

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 scoo3 300x300 - E-scooter information Fashionable and Futuristic E-Scooter


The most fashionable and futuristic electric scooter is the MOBOT Galaxy. It has a delicate
porcelain texture appearance and original frame style in the industry. There are various
colour kits available whereby user can replace by themselves to keep a gorgeous appearance.
The elastic polyurethane and magnesium alloy lifting handle is hidden in Ninebot One and
can be pop out if needed.

What is the most Stable and Sturdy E-Scooter we have?


The most stable, sturdy and solid electric scooter is none other than Mobot Freedom. It
has got full 10inch pneumatic tyres to withstand road bumps, the front calipier brakes
and a full disc on the rear wheel for maximum stopping power. It has also three different
speeds up to 27km/h.

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