Top 3 best foldable mobility scooters in Singapore

RELYNC R1 3 wheels mobility scooter

If you are buying a mobility scooter for your elderly parents or just one for yourself to live an active life, you have come to the right place.

Seniors enjoying active life - Top 3 best foldable mobility scooters in Singapore

If you have used a mobility scooter before, you would appreciate the great of independence it can offer. There are various prices, size and features available for selection but nothing beats a stable and foldable mobility scooter.

MOBOT FLEXI AIR 3 wheels mobility scooter inside car - Top 3 best foldable mobility scooters in Singapore

Generally, you have a choice of getting a 3 or 4 wheels, foldable or non foldable mobility scooter. 4 wheels mobility scooter are generally more stable but heavier. Foldable mobility scooter is the preferred choice for most people as it provides the convenience to bring it onboard cars and passenger airlines.

Did You Know 300x158 - Top 3 best foldable mobility scooters in SingaporeMobility scooters are classified as Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) in Singapore. It does not requires registration or certification to UL2272.  It can be legally used on pedestrians, shared and cycling paths.

In this article, we are going to share with you the top 3 foldable mobility scooters in Singapore which not only can bring you to places but compact and foldable to store inside your home or car boot.


The RELYNC R1 is the world’s most compact and stylish 3 wheels foldable mobility scooter.

Unlike conventional mobility scooter which uses bulky and heavy rigid chassis, the RELYNC R1 adopts a multi-fold design. It takes just a few seconds to pack up this mobility scooter into a suitcase-like package.

The RELYNC R1 mobility scooter can be equipped with 2 detachable batteries at 5.5AH each (Total: 11AH). It can travel 20 – 25 km on a full charge.

If you believe mobility scooter not only has to be practical and safe, it can also be beautiful and fashionable as well, the RELYNC R1 is for you.


This mobility scooter has come a long way since its introduction in 2014. Currently, this is the 3rd generation FLEXI.

Known in the market as the most value for money 3 wheels folable mobility scooter, the FLEXI 3rd GEN is powered by 48V 350W motor with a 12AH detachable li-ion battery.

This mobility scooter can travel 30 – 40 km on a full charge. In addition, you can change to a 6AH battery (optional) to make the FLEXI 3rd GEN passenger airline friendly for your well-deserved holiday trip.

MOBOT FLEXI MAX BLACK12AH 3 wheel mobility scooter left - Top 3 best foldable mobility scooters in Singapore

If you have a larger body frame, you will be pleased to know that FLEXI 3rd GEN has an upsized cousin known as FLEXI MAX 3 wheels mobility scooter.

The FLEXI 3rd GEN 3 wheel mobility is for anyone who wants simple, compact, foldable and value for money mobility scooter.


The FLEXI AUTO is probably the only 4 wheels mobility scooter with automatic folding. This highly portable 4 wheel mobility scooter automatically folds and unfolds with a touch of a button.

Equipped with a 10AH li-ion detachable battery, the FLEXI AUTO can travel up to 20km on a full charge.

This is an excellent choice for someone who might have difficulty to fold the mobility scooter manually.


The AUTOUR 4 wheels mobility scooter is built for both outdoors and indoors. You will be surprise how the AUTOUR handles unpaved paths and tight spaces.

AUTOUR has a small radius turning radius to maneveur in tight spaces. This is achieved by its unique front Omni wheels.

This mobility scooter is equipped with dual 24V 250W motors and 10AH li-ion battery. On a full charge, the AUTOUR can travel up 20 km.

If there is a need to transport the AUTOUR, the front wheel frame, rear wheel frame, seat and battery can be disassebled/assembled in a few minutes.

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