CHINGAY 2018 – First-ever electric scooter contingent

Mobot Chingay Contingent at F1 pit bldg 3

If there is one thing to look out for during the upcoming Chingay 2018, it will be the first ever electric scooter contingent formed from the partnership of Mobot and ITE.

The students from ITE will be donning their futuristic LED lighted costumes and riding on a Mobot electric scooter this coming Chingay 2018.

Performing to the tune of the famous track “Titanium”, the Mobot-ITE contingent will fan out in interchangeable formation, and through the use of lights, the contingent will bring to life their performance theme of “Towards a brighter and fun filled future”.

Chingay 2018 rehearsal at F1 pit building

Chingay 2018 performers being briefed on their performance.

Not only will the performers be wearing LED lighted costumes, but the performers’ Mobot electric scooters will also be dressed in blue LED light strips.

The blue color was chosen for the LED light strips because it calls to mind a feeling of serenity. Aligning it with the contingent performance theme of “Towards a brighter and fun filled future”, the Mobot-ITE contingent would like the audiences to experience the feeling of serenity as the lighted performance unfolds before their eyes.

The Mobot-ITE contingent performance will be one of the few lighted performances to look out for during this year’s Chingay. It will also be the first ever lighted electric scooter performance to grace the Chingay parade.

At the end of the Chingay parade, the 150 performers of the Mobot-ITE contingent will be given a Mobot electric scooter of their own. The remaining electric scooters will be donated by Mobot for ITE use.

Chingay 2018 rehearsal at F1 pit building

Mobot performers performing one of their routine

The Mobot-ITE contingent started their first phase of planning for the performance in June 2017. Brainstorming session and participants were recruited throughout a three-month period from ITE.

The first training was held at ITE College Central in December 2017. As we entered 2018, training was then pushed to full throttle at the F1 pit building. During the period, drifting and E-trishaw was incorporated into the performance mix.

Chingay 2018 performers all lined up

Chingay 2018 performers all lined up

Towards the last week of January 2018, the LED lighted costumes sponsored by Mobot were completed. The students were introduced to the costume, and dress fitting was held at ITE College Central.

The Mobot-ITE contingent performance is a culmination of a long period of hard work between Mobot, ITE, and PA’s Passion Art division.

Mobot, a winner of Singapore’s promising brand award 2017, is one of the largest distributors of electric mobility devices in Singapore. The Mobot range of electrical mobility products can be easily found in Courts Megastore, Giants Supermarket, NTUC, U Star Supermarket, and many more outlets in Singapore.