The Best Time to Purchase A Mobility Scooter | Up to $500 New Trade-In Promotion

The Best Time to Purchase a Mobility Scooter

Would the new rules affect my PMA purchase?

On 5 March, the Ministry of Transport, Singapore, announced that it had accepted the recommendations of the Active Mobility Advisory Panel on regulations for personal mobility aids (PMAs) with some amendments. 

However, users of mobility scooters do not have to panic to get a replacement as these changes to the regulation will only be in force in 2025. Owners have time to adjust to the new PMA regulations, especially when purchasing from MOBOT. In the meantime, owners can continue to ride their LTA-compliant mobility scooters as usual.

MOBOT LTA Rules Compliance Chart Poster scaled - The Best Time to Purchase A Mobility Scooter | Up to $500 New Trade-In Promotion

A summary of the three amendments is as follows:

  • Reduction from 10 to 6 km/h: There is no need for existing PMA users to stop using or replace their current mobility scooters, but will be required to ride with a max speed of 6km/h when the measures are implemented. When you replace your PMA, the new device should have a speed limit of 6 km/h.
  • Size Limits for Mobility Scooters: A mobility scooter should not be wider than 70cm, longer than 120cm, taller than 150cm, or a laden weight heavier than 300kg. This is to align PMA dimension restrictions on public paths with the rules in place on public transport. Existing oversized mobility scooters will need to be replaced when the regulations are effective. Exception will be made for those who can justify their need for larger PMAs due to their physical conditions. 
  • Certification Required for Mobility Scooter Use: When the rules are in place, only certified users with relevant medical or physical needs, such as walking difficulties, can use mobility scooters. Existing forms of certification will be recognised, so users do not need to obtain a separate one. The Ministry Of Transport will work with relevant agencies to identify other forms of certification and keep the process of obtaining them simple.


1) MOBOT Mobility Scooters Already Comply With Public Transport Size Restrictions

Whether it is our foldable and compact “FLEXI” series or our safe and comfort “PRIME” series, all of MOBOT’s PMAs already adhere to the current public transport sizing, so the new size limits will not affect the wide variety of MOBOT PMAs.

2) Speed Limit of Past & Present MOBOT Mobility Scooters Can Be Reduced To 6km/h 

When the rules are implemented, the speed limits of all of MOBOT’s mobility scooters can be reduced to align with the new regulations. Simply visit any of our service centres, and we will help you make the adjustments!

3) New Promotion: Up To $500 Off Your Next PMA When You Trade-In Your Old One

To aid our customers with this transition, MOBOT will offer UP TO $500 Trade-In value when you purchase your next PMA from us. Even when your PMA is ending its life cycle, you may get some of its value back through discounts.

4) Price Increase Of MOBOT PMAs In 2025

As the largest PMA retailer in Singapore, MOBOT has kept its prices consistent since 2014, through COVID and the inflation surge. Starting 2025, MOBOT will be adjusting the prices of our PMAs so that we can continue bringing you the latest high-quality mobility products to enhance your daily needs.

So, purchase your PMAs from us now before 2025 to enjoy the benefits of more speed adjustments, pre-inflation pricing and valuable discounts! Visit any of our outlets for a test drive to find the perfect mobility scooter for your needs.

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