Amendments to Road Traffic Act | April 2021

Amendments to Road Traffic Act - Apr 2021

On 5 April 2021, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) introduced amendments to Road Traffic Act to regulate the use of ebikes (also known as Power Assisted Bicycle, PAB) on roads.

This was an addition to the earlier announcement on 4 Feb 2020 by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to require both ebike and e-scooter riders to pass a theory test before they can use it on cycling paths.

The new bill was an extended test to cover both the cycling paths and roads for ebike riders. This was because ebikes can be legally used on cycling paths and roads. The test would cover modules such as active mobility rules, code of conduct, and safe riding behaviour. With that, the ministry hoped to improve the safety of all road users.

The test handbook would be available sometime in April while the test would begin middle of 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I have to pass the test before I can ride an ebike on road or cycling paths?

Yes. A valid test certificate is required before you can use the ebike on public paths. We believe the authorities will give a sufficient grace period before they take enforcement actions. Therefore we urge all current ebike owners to register and take the test as soon as it is available.

Q: When the enforcement officer stops me, how does the officer knows I have passed the theory test?

Though the authorities have not revealed the enforcement measures, we believe that the officer will be able to access their database to check if you have the valid test certificate by using your NRIC or FIN number. As this test is applicable to the rider only and not the ebike as a vehicle, it is unlikely there will be any sort oof identification mark on the ebike.

Q: Does it means I have to take 2 theory tests to ride an ebike?

No. It is a single combined test for ebike riders.

Q: I am a e-scooter and ebike rider. Does it mean I have to take 2 tests?

Likely not. The theory test for ebike would have encompassed the e-scooter segment. Therefore taking the ebike theory test would provide you with the valid certificate to ride both the ebike and e-scooter.

Q: I have a Class 2 license and have been riding for the past 5 years. Do I still need to take the ebike safety theory test?

Yes. The ebike safety theory test encompasses the use of ebike on cycling paths and roads.

Q: Will it be an online or classroom test?

As of now, it will be an online test but details are still not available as to how the test will be conducted to ensure fairness.

Q: How much is the theory test?

The authorities have not announced the testing fee. We estimate it will be similar to the current Basic Theory Test for car drivers at $6.50.

Q: If I passed the theory test, is it valid for a lifetime?

As of now, the certificate is valid for a lifetime.

Q: Do I still need to be 16 years and above to ride an ebike?

Yes. The law remains as the ebike rider and pillion must be at least 16 years old and above.

Q: My friend is coming from overseas to visit me this Christmas. He is 20 years old. Can I loan my ebike to him for a few days?

Yes, but before he can ride on public paths he would need to take and pass the theory tests. The test requirement is applicable to anyone who wishes to use the ebike on public paths, regardless of nationality and status.

Q: My father is using a mobility scooter. Does he need to take the theory test?

No. The theory test is applicable to ebike (ie PAB) and PMD riders. It is not applicable to PMA such as mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. In addition, the current laws allow PMA to be used on pedestrian pathways.