Scooty Speed Mini 4


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Two Bright Lights

Situations where there is low visibility, these two bright lights placed on each side of the e-scooter deck will help you through it. It is important to be seen and to see better especially at night or when there is poor visibility. These bright LED lights provide significantly great illumination and strong brightness for your safety and others too.


Scooty Speed Mini 4 has suspensions whereby users can have their pleasant and smooth rides through rough terrains. Users can look forward to stable and safe rides as this e-scooter is able to stay on the ground surface well.

Compact Design 

This e-scooter is effective for transportation as it is foldable and compact design. It is easy for users to carry it around in public without disrupting others. It is made to stand an upright position in public transports especially in peak hours. It does not burden you but enhances your journey throughout whether you are riding or carrying it.

MRT/Train Friendly

Take your e-scooter on the bus and train all day. Since Scooty Speed Mini 4 is designed to be compact, users are able to carry it around in public transports. This e-scooter does not make unsettling noises or distract other commuters. Ultimate convenience as it covers your first and last mile problems and also your designated destinations.

Higher Mileage 

Scooty Speed Mini 4 provides an elegant and distinctive design and ultimate convenience. With a higher battery capacity, you can have a limitless journey island-wide. Travel far with this e-scooter that is not only compact and MRT/bus friendly, but also has a longer distance for you.


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10, 15, 21 AH



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