SKICK BLACK kick scooter


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Shoulder strap

Pneumatic tire ABEC 5 grade bearing Mobot Skick Black is sleek
and non elastic whereby the kickstand is already installed on the
scooter itself and it is made suitable for both adult and children.
Its bearing is made from ABEC 5 grade and its tire is made from pneumatic tire. It can support up to a max load of 100kg
and it had a foldable handle and anti shock comfort grip.
Its design is aerodynamic and

Shoulder strap

This kick scooter comes with shoulder straps which makes it more convenient for user to bring and carry around their escooter as and when they go be it on the train or on the bus. It also reduce the weight
when being carried on the shoulder of the user rather than they have to carry on hand.

Pneumatic tire

Skick Air uses pneumatic tire whereby is is made of an airtight inner core lled with pressurized air. The pressure of the air is greater than the atmospheric air such that it causes the tire to remain inflated even with the weight of a vehicle is resting on it. It provides great resistant and cushioning effect as the tire hit the bumps on the road due to
the air pressure in the tire.

ABEC 5 grade bearing

Skick Air uses a 5th grade bearing which is an average bearing suitable for normal usage. Rather than a 1st grade and a 3rd grade bearing, a 5th grade bearing is denitely better which provide a riding experience for
the user upon riding as it is smoother due to being able to have a higher turning metres per hour. Hence, it allows the scooter to travel faster and smoother.




Battery Type


Max Load (Kg)

Speed (Km/H)

Distance (KM)

Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions



Frame Material

High-tensile Steel


Rear foot brake that allow the scooter to stop instantly, Rear Emergency Brake


  • 8 inch Solid PU Tire
  • Made of special material
  • Very Durable and Reliable

Shock Absorber

Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Speed (Setting)



Completely foldable electric scooter

Folding Guide

Folding is done in 3 steps and takes only a few seconds:

  1. Height Adjustable
  2. Handlebar Folding
  3. Main Body Folding