FREEDOM LITE Electric Scooter


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Detachable Battery

Freedom Lite is a lightweight e-scooter that comes with a detachable battery whereby you can just adjust the handle bar up and then detach the battery. You don’t have to worry when your battery is running low in the middle of your journey. Simply just detach the battery and insert a new one. It can be done within seconds! It will be a limitless journey for you to travel around when you have spare battery in your bag pack. Mobot Freedom Lite uses higher battery grade that when you accelerate, the current will draw from the battery smoothly and will not cause any jerking.



Apps Control System

Freedom Lite functions can be controlled by a mobile application. Both iPhone and Android users can download this application on Apps Store or Google Play. This is an external application where you can check the speed, mileage, and battery bar of the e-scooter by connecting your mobile device to a Bluetooth. For aesthetic purposes, you can personalise the light of your handle bar to a different colour of your choice. In addition, this app has a route tracking function where you can track back the route that you have travelled. For security wise, this app allows you to lock your e-scooter when you are not using it. Once the e-scooter is locked, it will not move when you accelerate.



Front and Rear Suspension

With this suspension, you can have a smooth and steady ride through out your journey from one point to another. You don’t have to be worry if you are travelling on a rough terrains or bumpy pavements because the suspension will help the e-scooter to eliminate the roughness and enhance the stability of the e-scooter. This suspension is specifically build for light weight and compact e-scooters.


Touchscreen LCD + USB

Freedom Lite e-scooter has a touchscreen LCD to turn ON and OFF the lights. The LCD screen will display the speed, mileage, and the battery bar so that you are more aware of the speed, distance and battery consumed when travelling. A bright LCD that allows you to see the screen especially during the night It has a nice LCD structure and it is easy for you to glance at it while you are riding the e-scooter. Freedom Lite is convenient for any users as it has a USB port where you can charge you mobile device when travelling.


Motor + E-brake

The motor power is sufficient enough to move up minimal slope. The motor generates optimum power for slope climbing. 36V with a 350W gives the user an option to ride up slope, depending on the gradient of the slope. The technology and placement of coil behind the motor ensures current is drawn from the battery without any lag time and has a fast pick up speed for climbing slope and smooth manoeuvrability. The current will be immediately cut off and the e-scooter will slow down gradually upon pressing the e-brake.

Beautiful LED Lighting

Freedom Lite has a bright headlights and rear lights that will enhance your vision and warn other users to be aware of your presence during the night. A cool handle light that allows you to customise it with different colours of your choice.


Battery Type


Samsung Lithium-ion Battery

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)


Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


36V 350W Brushless DC Motor Rear Drive

Frame Material

High Tensile Aluminium Alloy


Electronic Brake System + Rear Mechanical Fender Brake


200mm (8″) Solid Rubberised Airless Wheels

Shock Absorber

Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Charging Cycle – 800 times

Speed (Setting)

Maximum speed limit 25km/hr



Folding Guide