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*The EV has been adapted to fulfill the Physical Criteria for PMDs as set by LTA. It weighs 19.5KG and has a top speed of 25KM/H, making it LTA compliant.*


The ultimate family electric scooter is here. EV is a classy newcomer that embodies the words practicality, safety and comfort. Built with a comfortable 2-seater, it’s robust structure can withstand weights of up to 140kg. The scooter’s wider frame allows for an add-on child seat at the front while still ensuring enough leg room for all.



Material & Build

Built with a high tensile aluminium alloy body, EV can take-on various climate conditions such as high humidity and heat. The 12″ tyres and front suspension allows the rider to ease through rougher terrains; Coupled with a wide handlebar which maximizes comfort for travelling longer distances.


Battery Technology

EV carries a detachable battery in it’s deck, which can be easily removed. This makes charging so much more convenient; Instead of having to bring the entire vehicle to the charging station. It’s a great feature for city dwellers and the increasing majority that faces the problem of insufficient space.





Flaunting a wrist throttle with a key ignition system, the EV assures the safeguard of your scooter when leaving it out for short periods of time. Without using the 2 master keys provided to the owner, curious passersby will not be able to start or ride the vehicle. The electronic security system acts as a deterring factor but we do of course recommend a strong physical lock when leaving your e-scooter our for long.

Range & Power

Equipped with a 48V, 240W Brushless Motor, EV can effortlessly climb slopes of up to 20°.

The 8AH battery will take you up to 20-25KM and can be easily swapped out with a spare battery for extra range.


Battery Type


Lithium-ion Battery

Max Load (Kg)


Speed (Km/H)


Distance (KM)

20-25 KM

Weight (kg)


Weight & Dimensions


48V 240W Brushless Motor

Frame Material

High Tensile Aluminium Alloy


Hub Brake System


Shock Absorber

Extenal Buttons and Connectors

Charging Cycle – 800 times

Speed (Setting)

Maximum speed limit 25km/hr



Folding Guide