Tired of standing? Prefer to cruise around on a seated electric scooter for better comfort and stability? We have the most extensive range of high quality and affordable seated electric scooters in Singapore for all ages.

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Flexi 2nd Gen 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Knight III Seated E-Scooter

SGD$1,899 SGD$1,599
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EV Seated Electric Scooter

SGD$1,699 SGD$1,499
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Flexi Pro 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

SGD$1,899 SGD$1,369
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Freedom 3S Electric Scooter

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Speed mini 5S Electric Scooter

SGD$999 SGD$899
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Lancer 2nd Gen Seated E-Scooter

SGD$1,199 SGD$899
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Xtreme 4 Seated E-Scooter

SGD$1,299 SGD$899
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Speed mini 4S Electric Scooter

SGD$699 SGD$549
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