Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365

Review on MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified vs Xiaomi M365 review

Xiaomi Mijia was first launched in December 2016. Its UL2272 certified model Mijia M365 remains the same design and features, with no any major modifications; while MOBOT L1-1 is relatively new in the market, being launched on Christmas 2018, adopting same folding mechanism and deck board shape design of Xiaomi Mijia.
Together with Ninebot by Segway ES2, there are total three e-scooter models having achieved UL2272 certification status in Singapore as at 31st Jan 2019.
This article will touch mainly on the differences between MOBOT L1-1 and Xiaomi Mijia.

#Do you know that PMD users will no longer be able to ride at speed above 10kmh on footpaths from Feb 1 2019 onwards in Singapore? LTA has cut the maximum speed of 15Km/h set in previous Active Mobility Acts to 10Km/h for all e-scooters travelling on footpaths. Anyone caught flouting the rule can be fined up to $1,000 and/or jailed for up to three months upon conviction for the first offence. (Sources from LTA website)

With 10Km/h speed limit on payment and heavy fine imposed on even first time offenders, the foremost concern as an e-scooter user is that you shall make sure to check your speedometer regularly while riding on footpaths or pavement. Xiaomi Mijia M365 does NOT have a speedometer incorporated on its scooter handle. Instead, it uses APP function linking to a mobile phone, where you can see the speed reading, and other parameters. The only reading you can see on the scooter itself is battery capacity level, featuring three white dot and a green dot light representing percentage of battery power left. Maybe sometimes you won’t trouble to switch on your phone Bluetooth and link to the scooter each time you use it; or you won’t always hang your phone onto the handle bar while risk dropping your phone onto the floor and smash phone screen into pieces.

MOBOT L1-1 comes with a dedicated odometer where you can see the speed level 1 to 3 (low, medium, high speed), travelling speed reading, and battery capacity level on top.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified Xiaomi M365 odometer - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Xiaomi Mijia M365 comes without odometer for speed reading while riding on footpaths

Handle bar width

To make it a comfortable ride, the ideal handle bar width shall be the same width as or slightly wider than your shoulder width.
Simply extend your arms holding your fists, and do a simple measurement to decide what length of handle bar is ideal for you.
Below is a comparison of their handle length in graphics.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified Xiaomi M365 handle - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Comparison of handle width UL2272 certified MOBOT U3 vs Xiaomi M365

Scooter body length

MOBOT L1-1 deck is 100mm longer than Xiaomi Mijia M365.
If your preferred riding stance is “one foot in front, and another in the rear”, the L1-1 is a better option. For M365, you need to slant your feet slightly.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified Xiaomi M365 length - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Comparison of body length: MOBOT U3 vs Xiaomi Mijia

UL2272 Certification organizations

MOBOT L1-1 is certified by UL accredited lab, bearing a UL2272 hologram certification sticker label and a unique serial number to trace each individual scooter; while Xiaomi Mijia M365 is certified by CSA Canada, bearing a CSA logo only.
LTA accepts UL2272 certification from 4 testing bodies, namely UL, CSA, Intertek, and SGS. Only UL issues UL2272 certification sticker label, while all remaining 3 testing body does NOT issue any UL2272 sticker, but authorise manufacturers to use their lab logo for UL2272 certified e-scooters.
Below at the right is Ninebot by Segway ES2 UL2272 certification mark. With both tested at CSA, Xiaomi Mijia M365’s UL2272 certification mark is very similar, with a CSA logo printed at the last row of the scooter sticker.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified Xiaomi M365 sticker - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Comparison of UL2272 certification bodies MOBOT vs Xiaomi M365 UL2272 certification sticker different

Front light

Unlike Xiaomi Mijia M365’s simple round front light, MOBOT L1-1 features an elongated oval shaped light, consists of four LED lighting bulb and ambient surrounding light of various color being adjusted by mobile phone apps.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified front light - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Elongated oval front light of MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified

Ambient light beneath deck board

MOBOT L1-1 has two arrays of deck board light, making it a nice view especially in the night. The M365 has none.

MOBOT U3 UL2272 certified ambient light - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
Romantic ambient light of various color below deck board, color adjusted by phone app

Seat option

Both the L1-1 and M365 have optional adult and child seats.

UL2272 certified MOBOT U3 with seat - Review on UL2272 certified MOBOT L1-1 vs Xiaomi Mijia M365
MOBOT U3 has optional seats available. One adult seat and a baby seat attached.

As for other specifications like motor and battery capacity, distance and net weight, max load etc., both models are quite similar. Please refer to their respective web page for more details.
Find out here for MOBOT L1-1.

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