Review of JI-MOVE LC, the most compact LTA approved ebike?

JC-MOVE LC LTA approved ebike at gym

JI-MOVE LC is the latest ebike (or electric bicycle) to be type approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). This is the second ebike, after KUDU, to be approved in 2020.

* ebike is also known as Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) in Singapore

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike length comparison

When size matters

What makes the JI-MOVE LC different from the rest of the approved ebike is it comes with 14” wheels and an unfolded length of 1260mm. To give some context to compare, the ECO DRIVE with 20” wheels measures at 1620mm while the DYNAMIC MINI 16 with 16” wheels measures at 1400mm. This means the JI-MOVE LC is probably the most compact ebike available now.

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike folded comparison

On the downside, the JI-MOVE LC cannot be folded into half like the DYNAMIC MINI 16 which measures at 800mm after folding.

Nevertheless, the JI-MOVE LC stem can be folded down just like the FIIDO Q1S e-scooter. This allows the JI-MOVE LC to be portable and compact to store inside car boot or under the work desk.

Small size does not mean small power

The general perception is that a smaller ebike means smaller motor which in turns means smaller power. This statement is generally valid overseas but not in Singapore.

LTA requires all ebikes motor to have a maximum continuous motor power output of 250W. Most of the LTA approved ebikes have power output between 200 to 250W.

In other words, they will have quite similar performance on a flat path (if you are riding the ebike correctly).

Having said that, there are other technical parameters affecting the riding experience. You can learn more at our FAQ.

JI-MOVE LC LTA approved ebike rear motor

The JI-MOVE LC uses a 250W rear hub motor with 5 modes of electronic assistance.

The electronic assistance is equivalent to a conventional bicycle with selectable gears. The difference is that instead of physically changing the gear, the motor power output is adjustable electronically. Mode 1-3 is for flat ground while mode 4-5 is for up slope.

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike tyres

The JI-MOVE LC is reasonably powerful and stable. On flat ground, the ebike can assist up to 23.4 km/h with a 70kg rider and full battery.

The stability comes from the 2.125” wide pneumatic tubeless tyres which are wider than most other ebikes. In addition, tubeless tyres are generally less prone to puncture.

Having said that, it is important to make sure the tyre pressure is sufficient at all times as it requires air pressure to seal the tyre against the rim to form a tight seal.

The other point is the weight. The JI-MOVE LC frame is constructed using 6061 aluminum. This material is lightweight, strong and corrosion resistance.

I would expect this ebike to be light. On the contrary, the JI-MOVE LC weighs at 19.7kg which is even heavier than the MINI 16 which weighs 17.5kg. This also partially explain why the ebike feels sturdy and stable.

JI-MOVE LTA ebike detachable battery

Accessible detachable battery

The JI-MOVE LC is probably is the only ebike that allows the rider to swap the battery without leaving the seat. The battery is located convenient on the top tube unlike other ebikes which have the battery in the frame or under the seat.

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike battery power cable

Then comes the question about battery waterproofing and this explains why there is “n” shape cable coming out of the battery to the controller mounted inside the frame.

This cable is actually the power cable which is protected from external environment.

The battery is charged using another port located at the front. It can be charged while mounted on the ebike or externally.

Located beside the charging port is also the main switch of the entire ebike.

JI-MOVE LC LTA approved ebike charging port

The ebike has a reasonable battery capacity at 36V 9.9AH. Each battery can provide assistance around 40 to 60 km. Like all electric personal mobility devices, the actual distance varies accordingly to rider’s weight and road condition.

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike dual disc brakes


It is pleasant to see that the JI-MOVE LC uses disc brakes for both front and rear. This is the preferred setup for most riders.

It also comes with front and rear light which is a must have feature. Some ebikes only have rear reflector. This is not a huge problem as there are many third-party lights available in the market.

Sadly, it will be great if the JI-MOVE LC ebike is factory fitted with key lock, anti-theft alarm and integrated electronic horn. Until now, only the KUDU ebike comes with a key lock.

JI-MOVE LTA approved ebike closing banner


In all, I find the JI-MOVE LC ebike is a nifty mini monster. I like the clear, defined lines and the dark grey gloss finishing. Though this ebike is made of 6061 aluminum, it weighs close to 20kg which gives a very sturdy and stable riding experience.

On flat ground, the ebike can assist up to 23.4 km/h with a 70kg rider and full battery.

Some of the misses will be key lock with anti-theft alarm, electronic horn and suspension. Anti-theft alarm and electronic horn are readily available as third-party accessories.

But for key lock and suspension, there is not much anyone can do as it involves modifying the electric circuit and the frame which is illegal and not recommended.

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